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Advantages of changing your oil on schedule

by Nathan Zachary

The most important routine vehicle maintenance is to ensure that you change your oil on a regular basis. Oil changes should be performed on a regular basis to keep your vehicle running smoothly. An oil change service is an excellent opportunity to have other areas of the vehicle inspected. Your oil change is a quick and simple service that includes a complimentary multi-point inspection. This means that in addition to having your oil changed quickly and efficiently, you will also receive a free multi-point inspection as part of your service. We will inspect your belts, hoses, air filter, tyre pressure, fluid levels, and much more as part of this complimentary service. Our fully trained and certified staff is here to offer you sound advice. So, whether you have a brand new vehicle or a vehicle that has become a trusted friend, regular oil changes are something you cannot overlook.

Changing your oil on schedule can improve the performance of your car and reduce the risk of engine damage. One of the benefits of using Clearview filters is that they trap smaller particles that can cause wear and tear on your engine. By regularly changing your oil, you’ll also prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from building up and reducing fuel efficiency.

1. Performing regular oil changes maintain your engine’s cleanliness

Dirt and other particles begin to accumulate within the engine when oil from other sources enters it. Sludge will begin to accumulate in your engine if you do not change your oil at the proper intervals. Those who live in drier, dustier areas may be exposed to even more particles. Changing your engine oil and replacing your filters on a regular basis will remove any harmful bits of dirt and debris from your engine before they cause any damage.

2. Routine oil changes increase the likelihood of longer engine life

Your vehicle’s lifeblood is oil. It lubricates and protects the critical components of your engine from wear and damage. The issue is that oil becomes contaminated. By changing your oil and filter according to the specifications in your owner’s manual, you will keep your engine clean and protected while saving time, money, and stress. A regular oil change is an investment that will help ensure that you will be able to drive your vehicle for many years to come.

3. Oil changes protect other engine parts

The crankshaft and connecting rods are two of the many key components that make your engine run. These rods control the pistons in your engine’s cylinders. The camshaft is another component that aids in the opening and closing of the vehicle’s exhaust valves. Maintaining clean oil in your vehicle’s engine is critical to keeping all of these components moving and running smoothly.

4. Increase your gas mileage by changing your oil on time

Finding a fuel-efficient vehicle is important to all of us. A variety of factors influence overall miles per gallon, including the environment, terrain, personal driving habits, and vehicle maintenance. Without proper maintenance, all of that dirt and grit we discussed earlier will accumulate inside your engine, causing friction, and friction is not your engine’s friend. Friction is the enemy of optimal engine performance and fuel economy. Maintaining clean oil in your engine will help to reduce friction, allowing your engine to run more efficiently and get the best gas mileage.

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