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All About The Serviced Accommodations Of Peterborough

by Nathan Zachary
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A serviced accommodation is a fully furnished apartment that can be rented for short and long term stays. For all those thinking these apartments are like hotels, they are two very different things.

Serviced apartments in Peterborough offer facilities much like traditional hotels but with some added space, convenience and privacy. They make you feel like your own home. The person planning to stay there can enjoy it like a local when traveling. And guess what, this all happens at a much lower cost in serviced apartments than the hotels of Peterborough.

Staying in a hotel would be an ideal choice but if you are planning to explore something new or have to stay for long then there could be nothing more economical than serviced accommodations of Peterborough. Please know that the serviced apartments are not jst economical but much more than that. They offer amenities that most of the hotels dont. Hotels provide only essential amenities but serviced accommodations offer facilities as per customer’s needs like pools, parking, gyms etc. If we compare both hotel and serviced accommodation in Peterborough, the second one offers more space to live and relax.

Serviced Accommodations Are Home Away From Home

Most serviced apartments come with almost everything one would need on a daily basis. Be it equipped kitchen, separate bedrooms, washing machines, drawing room, wi-fi, housekeeping and more. But here are a few more things that you get to experience when you choose a serviced apartment over a hotel.

Comfort of home

Staying in a serviced apartment makes you feel extremely comfortable. Unlike hotels, you feel more homely and comfortable here. And all of this happens at the same cost or even less at many times. Even if you are a large family out of staycation, you will get separate bedrooms, washrooms, a living room and all kinds of entertainment facilities. And this is definitely what happens in a hotel room. Over there all of you have to stuff yourself in one single room.

Concierge services

Most of the serviced accommodations in Peterborough come with a 24*7 concierge service. The apartments don’t make you feel like guests but locals. You get a plethora of local knowledge including the transportation tips, cuisine recommendations, room deliveries and more. So if you wish to travel but within the shoes of localites, staying in a serviced apartment is a better option to go for.

Fully functional kitchen

Serviced apartments come with a fully furnished kitchen. This is a much better option for long stays because you can use such equipped kitchen space for everything and anything. The fully functional kitchen has a refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer and washer and what not. And in case you inform them in advance, you also get to eat delicious meals from the private chef. Isn’t this what you exactly wish for when you are on a vacation? You do not have to cook your own meals but have a full time private chef for your service to cook delicious and healthy meals for you. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer serviced apartments and not hotels in Peterborough.

Customised stay

Unlike hotels here you are bound to follow the instructions and stay guidelines, serviced apartments offer you complete independence of doing what you want. You can customize your stay as per your preferences and requirements. From special requests like having a chef to guidance for tourist spots and concierge services, you get everything in a serviced apartment. The stay experience over here is actually moulded as per your needs. You get to do what you want and how you want.

Safety and privacy

Privacy is one of the most ongrowing issues these days. And hotels might not offer your privacy many times. But this is not the case with serviced accommodations in Peterborough. The owner offers you complete privacy of the space along with assured security. From everything you need to do from dinner parties to hosting guests and entertainment, you need to ask but just inform while booking. Also, the serviced apartments follow mandatory sanitary and safety guidelines as per which you get to be secure no matter what.

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