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All You Need To Know About Excavator Trainers

by Nathan Zachary

Excavator operators in Australia are highly in demand because of the boom in construction and infrastructure. For those who want to be a reliable, employable excavator operator capable of naming their price at large worksites, excavator training will come in handy.

You must first consider licensing and training requirements. Safety Training Academy provides all the information you need to be highly employable in the future.

What Is The Minimum Excavator License Requirement?

Different rules are applicable in Australia depending on the circumstances of your project. Private work, for example, does not require a license to operate an excavator.

There are no regulations if you are searching for a job in the commercial sector. However, it will be challenging to find employment without capability documentation.

In 2011, the Workplace Health and Safety Act were modified to say that an excavator operator must not have a ticket because it was deemed low risk.

This transfers the responsibility for machine operation to the person running a business, often the site manager. The site manager is liable for the machine’s operation. This risk can be mitigated by only employing competent operators and supplying documentation to support it.

These machines can be used in Australia without the need for a ticket:

  • Excavator (class L)
  • Dozer (class LZ)
  • Grader (class LG)
  • Scraper (class LP)
  • Front end loader / backhoe (class LB)
  • Skid steer loader (class LS)
  • Front-end loader (Class LL)

It is important to remember that these machines are not subject to lose regulations. This does not mean that people can’t use common sense. You can help lower the risk to your site manager and create a safer environment for everyone by obtaining a license.

What Are The Advantages Of Excavator Training?

This is the main benefit. This is especially important if you want to work in large jobs or get a job with high pay rates.

The site manager or Hire Company will prefer an excavator operator without a competency course or paperwork.

A site manager can prove that they have received formal training or have issued a ticket under prior legislation. This is very helpful.

Private contractor job sites are known for their high safety standards and ability to hire long-term employees. A resume that includes certified training courses will make you a highly desirable prospect.

What Can I Expect From Excavator Trainer Training?

To assess your abilities before starting work, you must pass a competency test if you are starting from scratch without a ticket under the prior legislation or training course taken by a registered organization.

This training is not required for excavators. You will be able to run through the competencies to obtain your certificate. Safety guidelines, operating skills, and all the information you need about the machine will be demonstrated.

This course will teach you everything necessary to prove your competence with logbooks and other documentation.

  • Planning and preparing
  • Pre-operational checks on machine components
  • Operation of the machine
  • Attachments: Selection, removal, and fitting
  • Moving the machine
  • Machine operator maintenance
  • Clean up
  • Material lifting, transporting, and placing.

What Is The Cost Of Excavator Training?

Prices can vary depending on your situation. However, Safety Training Academy can provide an exact price quote tailored to your needs. You can have excavator training at your place of work or in our training facility.

Are You Interested In Learning More?

Safety Training Academy can help you make a career change by talking to you about excavator training.

You can take control of your career and enhance your resume with highly-demand skills in one of Australia’s largest industry sectors.

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