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Maintenance Management of a Data Center

by Nathan Zachary
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A data center is a digital infrastructure with precision equipment that must operate 24/7. 365 days a year in any type of conditions. Avoiding interruptions in the service is one of the main requirements of our clients. ( We offer quality service and products for APC ups price in Pakistan. )

But for this it is essential to have comprehensive maintenance that guarantees the proper functioning of the data centers. Avoiding falls and the economic losses that this entails.

With increasingly demanding levels of availability, continuity of service has become a critical factor. If you still do not have a maintenance strategy for your data center, we summarize the main points to consider.

Zero Fault Tolerance

Minimize the chances of failure. That is the main objective of maintenance in a data center. Coordinate, supervise and guarantee the perfect functioning of all the areas involved in it:

  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Electricity
  • communications infrastructure
  • Security and Access Control


Precisely for this reason, it must face the maintenance of a data center from a multiple perspective that encompasses the environment – HVAC systems, architecture, electrical and environmental design, etc.) -, security conditions, availability, and technical/legal requirements.

And do not miss the main starting point. Determine the conditions of use for which design each data center. It is useless to try to implement the most advanced technology if the facilities do not support it.

Types Of Maintenance for Data Center

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There are different types of maintenance for a data center. From the most reactive forms such as corrective maintenance to formulas based on detecting deviations. From the established starting conditions. Such as predictive maintenance . There are more types of service, preventive, technical/legal, 24×7 emergencies.

If you find yourself in that moment in which you have to define the type of maintenance for your data center. Ask yourself these questions.

What cost would a stop in the continuity of your activity have for your company?

Is your data center prepared to  withstand failures in scheduled maintenance operations?

What do we want to accomplish? Set the objectives of your maintenance strategy

What certifications and regulations do I have to take into account?

Regulation And Quality

To carry out maintenance operations in a data center, it is necessary to contemplate a series of regulations and standards that ensure the highest quality standards. From safety regulations for precision air conditioning systems to fire detection.

And extinction systems or technical cleaning of rooms , all of them aimed at endorsing and certifying the professionalism of the companies and teams that carry out maintenance operations. If you want to take a look at ours, visit this link .

Goals And Planning

What do we want to accomplish? Set the objectives of your maintenance strategy and from there, plan how you are going to carry it out. From contemplating scheduled interruptions to reducing unforeseen ones in the system, going through checking the facilities through redundancy tests, etc.

Everything that is procedural is a plus in these matters. Guides, calendars, maintenance history, metrics… They will help you create your own maintenance protocols.

Qualified And Approved Personnel

State-of-the-art equipment, new cooling standards, the same evolution of the market or the introduction of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence force us to train in the latest trends that concern data centers.

The technicians and personnel in charge of maintaining a data center must have training certifications to meet the objectives set in the strategies, however rigorous they may be.


The maintenance operations of a data center must not only guarantee the security of the service and the correct functioning of the facilities. In addition, you should aim to achieve the best potential for energy performance and reduce the environmental impact on your surroundings.

We are heading towards the decarbonization of the industry. And from maintenance in data centers, we can contribute by managing infrastructures more efficiently.

Creating safe, efficient, sustainable, secure, and functional data centers depends on many factors. But one of them is undoubtedly maintenance. We leave for the next post how to carry out operations in a data center and the key factors to consider.

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