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Are NBA Courts Bigger?

by Nathan Zachary
NBA court

You’ve probably noticed that NBA players are getting bigger and bigger every year. And it’s not just because of improved training methods–the courts they’re playing on are getting bigger, too.

The current average NBA court is about 12 feet wider than it was ten years ago. This extra space gives players more room to run and play, resulting in faster and more exciting games.

While the extra width might take some getting used to, most fans agree it’s a step in the right direction. The only question now is–will other sports leagues follow suit?

How Have the NBA Courts Changed Over Time?

You might have noticed that NBA players are getting bigger and bigger every year. The NBA jerseys are larger than before as well. And you’re right—the average player in the NBA is now about 6’7″, up from 6’5″ in 1996.

But you’re probably wondering, why do NBA players keep getting taller? And the answer is simple: the courts they play on are getting bigger.

The result is that the courts have slowly been getting bigger and bigger, and they’re now about 8% larger than they were 20 years ago. So if you’re ever feeling like the players on your TV are too big, remember that it’s not just your imagination—they are getting bigger. And it’s all thanks to the extra space on the court.

The NBA has been gradually making its courts bigger over the years. It is in response to the increasing size of today’s NBA players. The league understands that for these behemoths to be able to play at their best, they need more space to run and jump.

So if you’re ever at an NBA game, look at the court and see how much bigger it is than it used to be!

How Does the Size of an NBA Court Affect the Game?

It’s no secret that the NBA is a league of giants. With players averaging over 6 feet 7 inches in height, it’s clear that size does matter in this sport.

And as the players have gotten bigger, so too have the courts they play on. The average NBA court is now about 10 feet wider and 5 feet longer than it was just a few decades ago.

This change in court size has had a significant impact on the game. For one, it has made it much harder for smaller players to compete against the bigger giants. It has also led to an increase in turnovers, as players are now less able to get around their opponents.

So if you’re looking to see some of the biggest guys in the world playing ball, be sure to catch an NBA game live at one of the league’s giant courts!

It’s astonishing how much NBA players have grown in size. And as their bodies have changed, so have the basketball courts they play on.

The NBA has always been a sport where size matters, and that’s more evident than ever now that players are getting bigger and the courts are growing to match. If you’re ever lucky enough to catch an NBA game in person, check out the court, it’s a different sport compared to when the league started!

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