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Top 10 UPS for Computer

by Nathan Zachary
UPS for Computer

Continuous working without any interruption is something we all want. In other words, a regular power supply is a must.

Thus using a UPS or Uninterruptible power supply, one can solve such issues as it allows you to resume or save the work.

Any UPS for Computer has a battery backup of some duration that gives you a passage to save your work.

So, employing a UPS in your workspace or for personal use can benefit you in many ways.

List of Top 10 UPS for Computer

1. IBall Nirantar UPS 622

This Iball UPS model is an interactive and sustainable unit that has better usage for personal and gaming uses.

They have a 600VA power-safe feature and 360W wattage for stable and secure working.

It has an input voltage range of 140 to 340V to avoid any fluctuation damage.

Its backup duration is average to decent. Hence, allowing you to save your work.

This UPS for Computer can cost you around 2k, which is appropriate because of the performance and work.

2. APC Back-UPS BK600C

This UPS for computer has a premium look but for a high-end price and quality work.

It can provide up to 75 mins for backup because of its efficient lead acid batteries.

They have a load capacity of 360W/600VA, providing an equal balance of power.

They are compatible with laptops and routers as they have three power outlets.

This APC UPS model is available for 3k, a bit pricey but enough for such battery life.

3. VGUARD UPS Sesto 600-600VA

It has 15 mins of battery backup, enough to secure your work and save vulnerable data.

They have a load capacity of 600VA/300W, giving an uninterruptible power supply.

It comes with features like a 24-months warranty and protection from high-voltage surges.

This UPS for Computer is accessible for nearly 2k, an accurate price tag for this unit.

4. Luminous Pro 600 UPS

This model has a history of good reviews for empirical performance and is maintainable.

They have a decent battery backup because of the lithium-ion batteries and proper input.

It has a 600VA and 12V input load capacity for an equal but balanced supply.

This UPS for Computer can cost you around 2k, the best deal with such specifics.

5. APC Back-UPS BX1100C

They give a battery backup for up to 90 mins giving enough duration for professional uses.

Their load capacity of 660W/1100VA gives an equal but balanced power supply.

Its five-outlet facility allows you to connect any device with low energy needs.

This UPS for Computer has a price range of around 7k, the exact cost for such a service.

6. Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA

This model has mixed opinions on features but positive reviews on backup capacity on many websites.

It has an above-average battery backup, enough to support different intense systems.

They provide a load capacity of 1000VA with an input of 140-300V voltage.

This UPS for Computer is available for around 5k but is worth the price.

 7. Zebronics ZEB-U775

It has a minimum of 30 mins of battery backup, providing a buffer zone with many features.

They have a capacity of 650VA/360W with an input voltage of 220-240V and an output voltage of 195-262V.

Though they are compatible with many devices, the router is not one of them.

This UPS for Computer can cost 2k, an optimum price for such specifications.

8. APC 900VA Line Interactive UPS

They can provide up to 120 mins of battery backup to many devices without interruption.

It has a load capacity of 900VA/480W, precise to handle and maintain many devices.

They have alarm notifications, LED lights, and protection from overheating and fluctuations.

This UPS for Computer may cost you around 6k, a bit expensive but worth the cost.

9. Foxin 600VA/360W

This model has an overall better quality in every aspect. Thus, this is a high demand for this unit.

Its battery backup is more than 30 mins, which is more than enough to secure any vital data. 

They have a capacity of 600VA/360W to 1kVA/600W load capacity, providing conditions for catering desktops.

It protects your system from surges, fluctuations, and short circuits. Hence, no disruption during work.

This UPS for Computer can cost you for couple of thousand but is suitable for a spectrum of people.

10. APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND

This APC UPS has a unique but compact structure that helps you to arrange or place it according to you.

They have an average battery backup of 120 mins with four power outlets.

It has a load capacity of 700VA/390W for an even power supply without any issues.

They have audio and LED indication/alarm feature and overload protection feature.

This UPS for Computer is available to you for around 6k.


These UPS differ and have uses according to their feature and specifics. Hence, know your need first.

Read about the model and features before buying any model as they favor different purposes and provide their service according to it.

Hence, choose the model with specifications according to your and at a suitable price to get the best deal.

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