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Are System Integrators The Best Gaming Computer Builders?

by Nathan Zachary

When the time comes to replace our old gaming rig, we are usually haunted by the same questions: should I buy a prebuilt gaming computer? Or should I build it myself?

There are advantages to each approach. However, these are only theoretical advantages as the quality and performance of the final product widely varies depending on many factors that are usually beyond our control.

For example, the performance and quality of a prebuilt computer depend on where you get them from. Some manufacturers offer high-end components paired with subpar pieces. It is not uncommon to see an RTX 3800 rig advertised with 3200MHz RAM, and then discover the RAM is running at 2133MHz. I have unpacked prebuilt gaming PCs with a powerful processor paired with a cooler that has problems keeping it below 90°c even with your average benchmark test (I´m talking about 3DMark or Passmark). Many of these prebuilt rigs come with coolers that for some reason won’t work well with the CPU, or with case fans installed haphazardly. Yes, they do include some high-end components, but there is no way you can take full advantage of said components, the build tends to be noisy, and they experience faster degradation.

On the other hand, if your understanding of PC components allows you to choose your parts without a problem, then building your own gaming rig is probably the best option. It is usually more cost-effective as you can search the internet for the best deals, and you save in labor time wages by building the thing yourself.

However, recent problems with the supply chain and component shortages make it really difficult to put together your ideal PC while keeping costs under control.

If you have tried to build anything yourself over the past 2 years you know that, if you´re building a decent 3060 rig, you need at least 4 weeks to get all your components together. However, this still does not take into account additional wait times and costs associated with returning and replacing defective components when they arrive, and dealing with manufacturers directly when trying to get a warranty. So, whatever you´re saving in monetary terms, if anything, you end up paying with your time.

This is where system integrators come into play. System integrators are companies that showcase individual computer components and put them together for you. They´re a middle ground between DIY and Prebuilt, as users can choose what components they want and still receive a completely functional computer they can fire up the minute it arrives.

However, there are many of these system integrators out there that are not transparent about their pieces, their systems are not very well optimized, and they charge premiums for services that should be standard in this day and age.

For example, there are big names, not naming any, that will not let you know what model of graphic cards they will include in the final product. For example, let’s say you go for an RTX 2060 Super. There are system integrators that won´t let you know if they´re installing an MSI Ventus or a Zotac AMP. These details might sound unimportant, but some card models do show tangible differences in performance and temperature management over others.

That’s why it is important to only deal with the best gaming computer builders and system integrators. I recommend CLX Gaming as they let you pick your parts one by one so you know exactly what you´re getting. Moreover, their PCs are put together by real gamers who understand the importance of cable management and its impact on temperatures and performance. Visit their website today and start building the gaming PC of your dreams today.

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