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Average Salary of A Node Js Developer| 2022

by Nathan Zachary

The increasing demand for Node.js has allowed developers to get better jobs and salaries in Node.js development. Undoubtedly, it is a promising career opportunity for developers who want to start their career in web development. Node.js is a backend JavaScript program that allows the developer to write server-side and client-side JavaScript outside the web browser.

In recent years, a huge surge in the Node js jobs has been estimated. Well, this is because of various factors. Let’s have a look at the rising demand for these jobs and the average salary of a Node Js developer: 

The demand for Node Js Developer jobs

Today, there’s a great demand for Node.js developers in different industries. A Node.js developer is a software expert that works with Node technology and creates various software and solutions. Node is mainly an open-source developer tool that works on the website’s server-side functionality. This programming language is also responsible for building and maintaining network applications. Not just this, it is also useful to manage the data that are getting exchanged between servers and users. Because of its crucial importance, there can be a huge demand for the application and development of this language in different industries. 

Over the years, Node.js has acquired a wide demand because of its applications. Today, Node.js is at the top spot as the most-used framework. In 2019 and 2020, during a survey, it was stated that it is used by over 50% of its respondents. In 2021, its popularity was somewhat affected, but it acquired its top spot again in 2022. 

In 2022, Node.js will be the sixth-most popular technology. Therefore, many candidates who want a good IT and software career choose Node.js. According to a recent report, the job searches for Node.js grew by 57%. 

Developers of Node.js are in demand across the world. The number of node js jobs for developers has increased greatly, ultimately raising the average salary of beginner and experienced Node.js developers. 

Reasons why Node.js are in demand 

Huge demand for developers 

Well, numerous reasons have caused a sharp increase in the demand and salary of Node.js developers. The demand for Node.js has been continuously rising, a fact that cannot be ignored. Earlier, JavaScript was also in demand as it is the most popular language for website coding and designing. 

Node.js developers work with front-end developers experienced in Javascript in integrating web-based applications. Thus, the role of Node.js and front-end developers are both crucial, and their demand depends on the project’s business requirements.

Attractive salary packages

Why are most IT personnel looking for career growth in Node.js? This is because of the lucrative salary it offers to the candidates. One thing to consider is that the salary for Node.js developers is better than other technologies. This is one of the reasons why there can be a huge demand for Node.js jobs. 

Node.js introduces many new ideas and methodologies useful for server-side JavaScript development. Those who understand both JavaScript and Node.js can also get career opportunities with better salaries in their hands. 

What is the role of Node.js developers?

In every project or company, the role and responsibility of a Node.js developer depend on various factors such as expertise, the requirement of the project, and experience. Therefore, the developers will have a unique set of responsibilities and skills. One needs to know various technologies if it is related to a complex job. This seems complicated initially, but it also pays better as lucrative salary packages. 

If you want to have a good career as a Node.js developer, then these skills can help to land the best job:

  • They must have the ability and expertise to work with a database.
  • There should be proper communication and organizational skills so that a developer can collaborate with other developers and team members to complete the project on time.
  • There’s a need for an understanding of backend technologies.
  • The Node.js developer must have the ability to build server-side applications with Node.js.
  • Need to have secure programming standards
  • Knowledge and training of JavaScript and the Node.js technology and other popular frameworks and other extensions
  • Node.js developers also need to have skills with front-end technologies.

Average Node.js Developer Salary

One of the good things about learning Node.js technology is that developers can get a higher and more lucrative salary package. The salary package is a bit higher as companies widely require this technology. According to reports, Node.js developers can earn between $83,000 and those who are beginners and have just started their careers. Those with 10-15 years of experience earn between $115,000- $120,000.

Salary depends on the company’s annual turnover, the requirement of the projects, and the expertise of the developer. Put these together, an estimated salary of Node.js developers can be up to $106k/year. 

The developer’s salary is a bit higher than similar development jobs in the industry. Even the PHP or WordPress developers don’t get this much salary. However, one needs to have ample experience in Node.js development and other framework knowledge to enhance career growth graphs and salary. 

It’s not only the job title that gets you a handsome salary. For this, the developers must also look at the company’s location and years of experience. Suppose you’re a junior Node. Js developer, you can earn an average of $86k/year. The mid-range developers with 7-8 years of experience can earn $99k/year.

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