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Give Your Troubled Kid a Chance For Change With Behavioral Health Programs

by Nathan Zachary

Children all over the world are dealing with mental health issues. Studies have shown that one in five children suffer from a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder. It’s never too early to talk to your kids about their mental health and the importance of helping them maintain healthy habits. For children, it might seem like their symptoms are just part of life, but when left untreated, these disorders can lead to more serious issues in the future. Behavioral health programs are available to help children and adolescents with various mental health issues, including behavioral problems, mood disorders, anxiety attacks, and addiction. ANASAZI Foundation provides several programs to help children and their parents. These include Family Education, Conferences, Project Walk, Parent Education, Family Counseling and Support Groups. Please visit our website for more information.

What Can Youth Learn in Behavioral Health Programs?

They learn about their mental health.

Children are dealing with new issues regularly, and it often feels like there’s no one to talk to about what they’re going through. By attending Youth wilderness programs, children can meet peers to whom they can relate. Conferences and workshops give them the tools they need to manage the stress in their lives.

They learn to socialize with other kids.

Many children have trouble understanding how their actions affect others daily. Behavioural health programs allow them to meet other children dealing with similar problems. They can learn how to interact and make friends with others healthily.

They learn how to communicate better with their family.

Many parents don’t understand their children’s mental health issues, and sometimes kids are afraid to reach out because of that uncertainty. If the causes of their mental health issues remain unaddressed, it can become a problem for everyone in the family.

They learn how to manage challenging emotions.

Children can feel shame and guilt about the problems they’re dealing with, which can make it challenging to get through each day. Behavioural health programs give children the tools they need to learn how to communicate healthily with their family and friends.

They learn to manage stress more effectively.

Stress is a leading cause of mental health issues for children. Choosing the right school, dealing with parents and siblings, and other everyday situations can put too much pressure on a child’s mind. Youth wilderness camps teach children how to cope with life’s stressors in healthy ways, allowing them to develop coping skills that will last into adulthood.

They learn that drugs and alcohol don’t make you cool.

Many children take drugs and alcohol because they want to fit in. It’s difficult for them to understand that their path will lead to problems.

They learn how to give back.

Often children with mental health issues don’t want to contribute because they feel that the rest of their family is better off than them. Youth wilderness programs allow kids to learn how to become active members of society and add value to others’ lives. That can help create a happier and healthier community as a whole.

How Can Youth Wilderness Camps Be Beneficial?

Having a place to go and spend time alone

Children with a place to go where no one can bother them or make them feel uncomfortable are far better off. Conferences and workshops are designed for children who are not going to have their parents there, with often many fellow campers. It is great for children’s self-esteem because even though it is an “isolation” experience, they know they will be able to come back down the mountain and have friends at their house. 

Having a place to go and let out their feelings

Almost any kid that goes to the wilderness, even for a couple of days, will have some feelings. Youth wilderness camps are great for letting kids be angry or sad without having to hurt other people or animals. These kids can let out their anger, scream when they want, or cry because they feel bad. The wilderness gives them freedom of expression. 

Having a place to get away from the evil world

Kids can attend conferences and workshops, and no one can say bad things about them if they don’t want to go to their house. They can just be thinking about their problems. It is very important because sometimes it’s hard for kids to let their feelings out. After all, they feel guilty or ashamed of who they are. Conferences give kids an outlet for their feelings, allowing them to be who they are. 


Sending troubled kids to behavioral health programs isn’t just about providing them with good food, fun activities, and a good place to stay. It’s about providing them with a place to get the support they need to learn how to manage their stressful feelings and live life productively. At ANASAZI Foundation, we provide the services that parents need so that they can help their kids overcome mental health issues while teaching them important life skills along the way. We’re here for you. If you’d like more information, call (480) 892-7403.

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