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Best Alternatives IntelX In 2022

by Nathan Zachary

Leak-lookup is a powerful data recovery and identification unit that produces quick results after verifying lost credentials or sensitive information from a number of sources, such as email addresses, passwords, APIs, and more. It offers a simple search engine where relevant keywords may be typed to quickly extract the needed material while staying current on the breaches.

The complete capacity is accessible for business and personal use, and organisations may also make use of the services. Strict controls have been put in place to avoid any suspicious assaults or intrusions. A vast quantity of pertinent data has been gathered from many sources and preserved as a useful record that is updated regularly. Consumers may receive relevant information from any social profile or website now that the online method and building of subscriber signups have become mandatory. Read More:  AnimeHeaven/

Best Alternatives Of Leak-lookup

1: LeakPeek

LeakPeek is a user-friendly and proactive data sorting tool that assists you if your sensitive data, such as passwords, email addresses, domain names, or other login credentials, is leaked or disseminated as a consequence of a breach. Users may have access to URLs and APIs to automate searches, and after finding a range of results, they can develop a new query. All you have to do to join up for the platform and get updates and new features is enter your email address, password, and other information. With the help of a robust search engine, where the appropriate data can be input, the needed items may be quickly retrieved as a breach and other lost modules recovered. The forum generates results in milliseconds, and crucial passwords may be controlled by dishonest and suspicious persons who may use the codes to withdraw money from bank accounts or apps. As a result, protect them all effectively from a single place.

2: DeHashed

DeHashed is a great tool for managing sensitive and valuable data that allows users to verify compromised credentials by viewing a large database of information that includes emails, passwords, smart questions, and any other personal information. It provides complete scanning throughout any smart media product, including websites, by swiftly and efficiently tracking a large number of digital assets. The website features an intelligent search engine that can locate the essential evidence of security breaches or other compromises by third-party websites. alternatives to leakpeek The module has been set up as a venue for security analysts to communicate with a variety of people and professions, including journalists, security firms, and regular people, in order to stay up to date on standard operating procedures, with the help of a powerful search engine into which all relevant data can be entered. Users may utilise powerful searching instructions to locate everything from minor to critical information, such as IP addresses, emails, usernames, names, phone numbers, VIN numbers, and a variety of other public or private inputs.

3: Leak-lookup

Leak-lookup is a powerful data recovery and identification application that generates rapid output results after checking lost credentials or sensitive data from a variety of sources such as email addresses, passwords, APIs, and many more. It offers an easy-to-use search engine where you can enter relevant keywords to rapidly locate what you’re looking for while keeping track of the breaches. The complete potential is accessible for both personal and commercial use, and businesses may also use the services with strict procedures in place to avoid any suspicious entrance or attack. A great quantity of critical information has been gathered from various sources and kept as a precious record that is totally updated every day. Users can uncover crucial information that may be on any social profile or website since online workflow and subscriber signups are required.

4: ScatteredSecrets

ScatteredSecrets leakpeek free alternative is a good and trustworthy search engine for investigating compromised or sensitive credentials that have been disclosed without authorisation by hackers or anybody else. To proceed with personal contact and registration, users may create a profile by simply entering their email address, password, and other information. Users may get relevant notifications in the form of popups or alarms when any suspicious activities are carried out when breaches are identified after being leaked from other sources. The product’s principal purpose is to drastically limit the likelihood of hackers obtaining access to or hijacking user accounts. Unauthorized individuals have the ability to access and leak a wide range of online published materials, which may be harmful for official, business, or private objectives. The most significant and visible feature of the software is the detection of the particular query that might be stolen or stopped without reason.

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