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The Best Professional Wireless Microphones

by Nathan Zachary
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Professional wireless microphones emerged as a technological answer to the inconvenience of various cables on stage, in a recording studio, or at conference events.

Of course, every technological advance presents its range and sound quality limitations. Still, the manufacturers’ response to these limitations was immediate, and they began to overcome the weaknesses that these equipment presented.

It is already common to see in large musical concerts, recording studios, television studios and even homes with devices of this type. There is a variety of styles in the design; it is a matter of evaluating what you need it for, acquiring it and starting to enjoy the best professional wireless microphones.

The wireless microphone: forms and models

As taste is in variety, the brands specializing in this electronic recording equipment have developed a wide range of wireless microphones manufactured for each type of clientele and need.

What should always be considered is what it is needed for. With the desire to guide you on that decision, we present below a list of the most sought-after wireless microphones and their characteristics.

Shure BLX24 SM58

Manufactured with shock-resistant material, the shure microphones has a high-quality in sound reception. It is a team designed for interpreters for its fidelity when reproducing the voice and confidence in the transmission.   

It maintains the connection with its receiver at distances that can reach 90 meters, and its broadband guarantees optimal reception of sound content. In addition, its internal antenna system is fast when locating the frequency and without noise in the signal.

AKG WMS 40 mini vocal

It inexpensive, but that does not affect the quality of sound reception. Intended to be used in important events. Akg is powered by AA batteries and has a range of use of 30 hours. Wms has an approximate range of 20 meters.

Shure GLXD24E SM58

With spectacular sound quality, the Shure SM58 uses digital technology in transmission; this microphone does not compress the signal and has an unrestricted band that allows it to be used anywhere on the planet. Uses rechargeable battery with up to 16 hours of continuous operation

Sennheiser EW135P G4

This powerful German-made kit uses a handheld wireless transmitter with a portable receiver for on-the-spot interviewing and recording. It guarantees a range of 100 meters for recordings without losing sound quality.


Samson’s GO MIC MOBILE is ideal for recording videos and interviews from your cell phone. It allows a range of 30 meters without losing the quality of the sound it receives.

It brings a series of USB connectors for use in PCs and smartphones and other analogs for various uses. In addition, this model has a very small portable receiver powered by a rechargeable battery capable of lasting 13 hours, making it possible to carry out work in places that do not have electricity.

Shure BLX14/CVL

This equipment is ideal for conferences or speeches. Its transmitter equipment uses AA batteries, which are highly efficient in use. In normal conditions, it reaches 90 meters without the sound quality being affected.

This device is what a presenter needs to stand out as it can be used discreetly. It is programmed to get sound from only one direction, which helps eliminate unnecessary noise. In addition, the microphone comes with a foam rubber protector that attenuates the noise of rough breathing when addressing the audience.


This device is manufactured with special attention for sports competitions. It can resist moisture and sweat. In addition, it is light and easy to use.

In its diversity of functions, this wireless prevents the signal from being lost suddenly; it has a system that filters strange noise and gives it a gain in the quality of the sound it receives.


This device has a digital transmission system, two transmission equipment, and a small lavalier microphone. In addition, it has a receiver that can be connected to the video camera. They are powered by AA batteries or by a USB cable.

The microphone is omnidirectional; it can work with several channels and cover a distance of 100 meters in suitable conditions. It is very reliable against interference, and the sound quality is unmatched.


Lapel microphone that its users have received well. The compactly manufactured and light in weight. Comes from the factory with a rechargeable battery for 7 hours of autonomy and achieves a distance of 70 meters in open spaces without barriers. Its sound quality is undisputed.

Features of wireless microphones

One feature you must consider when purchasing a wireless microphone is its way of capturing the signal. There are two that are the most common: the unidirectional and the omnidirectional. 

  • Unidirectional is limited to the front of the microphone and ignores surrounding sounds. It is recommended for places or shows with a lot of external noise.
  • Omnidirectional microphones are more open and can pick up all the sound around them. Doing group interviews is valuable because you can use a single team and get all the testimonials from people.

It is also very useful with speakers, as they move their heads a lot, and there is a risk of losing contact with the voice if a microphone is not used with this system. 

Are you ready to enhance your sound and optimize your working method? Then, live the adventure of using professional wireless microphones.

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