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Do AliExpress Sellers utilize Facebook Ads?

by Nathan Zachary

Today, while advertising AliExpress agency businesses, here are 6 Facebook ads tips.

These techniques can help you increase sales, engagement, conversion rates and generate more money.

1. Use the search box to spy on competitors’ advertisements for free

When it comes to online marketing, one of the easiest approaches is to monitor your competition.

After all, if they identify a beneficial product, surely, they must promote it correctly.

Currently, there are paid solutions that can help you watch your competition, but if you are just starting out and have a modest budget, you can do it for free.

Go to Facebook advertisements and enter:

Post about “Free Shipping Coffee Cup.”

Use the same quotations as in the example.

You can also replace free delivery with other marketing strategies, such as “50% discount” or replace “coffee cup” with a niche market.

Then click search.

A list of posts will be provided depending on your search.

Click on content that you find beautiful or content that has a lot of likes, comments, and shares.

This involves paying a lot of money to market this post.

However, remember that spending money does not always produce a favourable return on investment.

Some people are not excellent at advertising, while others just blindly hope they would soon make up for it.

In any event, the truth is that you will never truly know.

All you can do is locate tips that can be applied in marketing initiatives!

2. Facebook advertisements guidelines for choosing the correct purpose

You can choose from a total of 11 different Facebook goals.

There are various rumors concerning the usage of impulse engagement, website clicks, and search engine optimization.

However, in fact, there is only one purpose that has to be focused on.

When promoting your AliExpress products on Facebook, please pay attention to basic website conversions.

In addition to ordinary website conversions, you also need to expressly pick product conversions.

Suppose you sell bracelets.

For producing content for Facebook advertising, you can take help from any book marketing business.

Be sure to go ahead and create a customized product conversion based on this bracelet.

In this method, you will target the folks who are most likely to actually buy a bracelet.

Suppose you wish to create this conversion in your Facebook account.

Therefore, simply ignore all purposes.

When you install Pixel and set up advertisements, choose your website to convert and choose to buy.

3. The larger your advertising budget, the better your target shoppers

What Facebook doesn’t properly sell or express is that the more money you spend on advertising campaigns, the more target buyers you have.

Currently, Facebook ads are not doing this to extract more money from you.

They truly do this to benefit you.

You see, not all Facebook users are created equal.

Some are more active.

They continue to contact with more individuals and buy items every day.

This will reduce the number of other users, the number of friends, and the opportunity to buy.

Advertising can be quite expensive because some users are more inclined to participate and react to more ads.

You have a sliding scale, right?

Therefore, if you start with a daily advertising budget of US$2 / US$3 / US$5, your target audience may be the lower third of this sliding ratio.

However, if you want to target better buyers, you must pay Facebook advertisements more.

I don’t want you to pay a lot for each advertisement, but the aim here is to raise your advertising budget.

This is a terrific method to target more active buyers while raising CPM.

4. Don’t be punished for overlapping audiences

When there are multiple assets available for purchase in the same niche market, two adverts are forced to compete against one another. You will need to engage in competition if, for instance, you are seeking to sell a product such as a cat necklace to people in the market for products aimed at people who own cats.
The phenomenon in question is referred to as overlap.
You are, in essence, engaging in advertising on Facebook, where two audiences that are equivalent to one another overlap.

In the event that this takes place, Facebook will penalise you by automatically increasing the cost of your advertisements on a per thousand impressions (CPM) basis.
In general, selling products on AliExpress and actually making a profit from those transactions may be somewhat challenging due to the nature of the platform.
As a consequence of this, when you are preparing your advertisement, you will need to begin removing certain elements from it.

There is a button that you may use to opt out of receiving advertisements connected to interests that you already have active in your account. If you use this option, you will no longer receive these types of advertisements.
By taking these steps, you can either completely remove the possibility of overlapping audiences or considerably lower the risk of it happening.

5. Beware of “forced likes.”

Suppose you start an AliExpress agency store concerning coffee.

Next, place adverts for your products.

So, go to Facebook, create an ad, go to the targeting section and enter the phrase “coffee.”

But you know this sentence is incredibly common, encompassing millions of people.

Many folks may not like coffee.

For example, we regularly interact with stuff that we don’t truly care about.

That’s because our pals are posting information about it.

Suppose your best friend posts a photo of them in a coffee shop and talks about having a good day.

Now you may dislike coffee, but you like images of your buddies.

This sends a signal to Facebook to associate you with the word coffee.

This fear is labelled strength or light because of linkage.

6. Tell a story using your data

By default, you may really access many of the stats in the Facebook report.

However, the problem is that what FB shared with you is not totally factual.

You need to customize the columns and have four data points (cost per purchase, cost per click link, CTR link, CPM) (cost per purchase, cost per click link, CTR link, CPM).

These four data signs might help you evaluate whether your product is genuinely profitable.

Add them to your analysis so that you can decide what to do with products that are doing well and those that are not working well.

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