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Best Way to Gauge Tech Buying Intent and Its Multiple Benefits

by Nathan Zachary

In today’s business world, competition is fierce. All companies are always thinking about new methods, methods and techniques for making profits. Similarly, customer data is required. This gives the company a great advantage and competitiveness when investing in a marketing campaign. In this article, first focus on the intention of purchasing technology and the best way to measure multiple benefits.

Intentional data

The name “intentional data” is obvious. But first, it is the behavioral information collected about the various online activities of customers. They can be affected by paying attention to purchasing products and choosing a company service.

The best way to measure the intention of purchasing technology

Imagine, you are an entrepreneur with a business that deals with technical products and technical services. Your company is already familiar with the market and has a series of loyalty for products/services. Before buying a product or choosing a service, consumer decisions tend to be affected by marketing campaigns and reviews. They will report their prior purchases through various activities, such as posting comments on social media platforms and forums. This information is converted to large data when compiled. However, this technical intentional data can be decided to make a customer purchase decision or seek service by properly dividing it into various stages with analysis platforms, marketing automation, and other methods. 。

There are many types of technical purchases, and you need to choose the best type for business. For example, the most popular technology list is as follows-

IBM user list
Netsuite user list
List of companies that use Office 365
VMware Customers database
You need to choose the type of technology intention that is parallel to your business. Selecting an appropriate intention can bring the best return to the company.

The advantage of purchasing a technical list

A. Knowledge about the purchase stage

Twenty years ago, sales were developed mainly in old marketing tactics and provided customers with information on existing products. In the sales department, information on customer purchase behavior is limited. The sales team was used to wait for customers to enter the form to identify the decision of sales. Intentionally, you can easily find the customer purchase stage.


B. Marketing Campaign

In the old method, only after investing in a marketing campaign. You can get insights about customer engagement.

By using this data, you can get insights on new technologies that are preferred in the customer’s industry, investment field, and purchase stage. This helps to recognize fresh marketing opportunities. You can easily design new products and change services because you can get more details on customer movements. Sales teams can reach the target audience and design a perfect marketing strategy to succeed in lead generations.

C. Reduce the change in the behavior of the royerlist

There was a time when rival companies were poaching star employees of competitors. Recently, all companies in the industry are interested in acquiring new customers. If it means hunting the faithful customers of their rival companies. By using the intention, you can determine a signal that shows a decrease in sales of specific products or services of the company. The sales team can receive alternative solutions by identifying the needs of each customer and maintaining customers.


Selling products to customers and choosing company services as prospects is a major issue in all industries. Selecting the optimal list from the technical intentions allows the marketing team to understand not only the faithful customers but also the current purchase thinking, requirements, and sensitivity of new consumers. You can get valuable insights for the travel of existing and new customers.

Unlike conventional marketing campaigns, which may be more expensive, the prepared technical intention lists usually include information on highly reliable and responsive customers. This data helps the company to raise sales, increase marketing performance, and get the best results in marketing campaigns.

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