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 Zinc8 Energy as a “Best-in-Class” Solution for 2022 PropTech Challenge

by Nathan Zachary

NEBONY Real Estate Board awarded Zinc8 Energy Solutions its best-in-class award for prop-tech challenges in 2020. New York is the leading real estate trading association working with the partnership of the New York State energy research and development authority.

Moreover, the commercial observers made the theme of recent years’ prop-tech challenges to carbon net zero. Mainly the focus was on sustainable and ongoing manufacturing processes and developments for the real estate industry. It reduces emissions throughout the built environment.

A panel of judges comprised of officials from REBNY, NYSERDA, and other commercial observers also encouraged vendors to present their latest technological solutions.

Having won this prestigious award is a great honor, says Ron MacDonald, Znc8’s president and CEO. Further, they added that the real estate industry members in New York are already aware of the need to reduce emissions from all new and existing infrastructures in anticipation of the Local Law.

Moreover, they are looking to deploy the innovative and latest technologies to reduce their carbon footprints. Also, they added that they would like to thank the panel for providing them with the golden opportunity. It is an excellent option to demonstrate our technological solutions to industry leaders at important events.

About Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc:

This organization holds an experienced team to assemble and execute the development and commercialization of dependable, low-cost energy solutions for batteries. The extensive storage system offers environmental and efficiency benefits as it strives to meet the need for secure and reliable powers.

Zinc8 is a Vancouver, Canada-based company founded in 2011. It is the leading organization that is busy finding the latest technological solutions. It provides power ranging from 200KW to 500MW with an 8-hour storage capacity.

ZAIRF Stock:

The company covers substantial industrial and commercial areas and proposes many applications, including technology and Architecture. Also, this company is presenting its common stock to the general public under ZAIRF stock. It holds many significant subsidiaries.

The rate of ZAIRF stock is decreasing, and it is not stable. The stock holds a current value of 0.11 US dollars. Moreover, the highest value of this stock is 0.65 Us dollars and the lowest rate of ZAIRF stock in the past five years is 0.0070 US dollars.

Moreover, the financial statement analysis of ZAIRF stock shows that this company’s earnings have declined to 29.6% per year over the past five years. Also, it makes less than 1 million US dollars in revenues after its incorporation.

Notice Related To forwarding Looking Statements:

The forward-looking statement includes that we can execute the exploration, development, and commercialization of dependable, low-cost air battery solutions. This organization believes in the material factors, expectations and assumptions reflected in forward-looking statements.

All the treatments and reasons are authentic at that time. Therefore, these factors can never be guaranteed. Moreover, the assumptions, expectations and elements will be accurate at the right time. Such statements may include known and unknown risks, uncertainties and many other factors that can cause actual results or events.

However, some events may differ from those anticipated in the forward-looking statement. Unless otherwise specified, the company is not required to update the publicly revised any other ideas, future events, or otherwise securities after the date of this news release.

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