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Best Weapons to Upgrade in Black Ops Origins

by Nathan Zachary

The Bren, MG-42, and DP-47 are among the best Weapons to upgrade in Black Ops Origins. These weapons are very easy to use and they are ideal for close and mid-range engagements. However, you should avoid buying the pancake magazine and pancake rifle, as they look silly.


The Galil is one of the best Weapons to upgrade in Black Ops Origins. This semi-automatic weapon is optimized for accuracy. It uses a proprietary 25-round box magazine and features a heavy-profile match barrel. It also has a multi-functional muzzle device that acts as a flash suppressor and muzzle brake. The gun also uses subsonic ammunition.

Another great weapon to upgrade is the SCAR-H. This German LMG can be found in the Origins map and has high damage and ammo capacity. It also gives you FSIRT, a tool to cycle through attachments and one-shot headshot kills until round seven. In addition, you can upgrade the ACOG scope and receive a fast-reload speed.

ice staff upgrade

In Black Ops Origins, upgrading the ice staff upgrade requires a number of components. The parts are located in various locations throughout the game. These parts can be dug up by digging in areas that are snow-covered. The best times to dig are during round 2 to 4 and around round 10. The first part of an ice staff can be found near the start, while the second and third parts can be found near the middle section of the map. The third component is found near a church. The record you need to access the lower levels is also found inside the tank station.

The Ice Staff is an essential part of the Black Ops Origins arsenal. It allows players to freeze their enemies and kill them. To upgrade the Ice Staff, players must gather bone pieces from enemies. Two pieces can be obtained at the first generator in the initial spawn, which can also be obtained by teammates. Other bone pieces can be obtained from the wind cave and lightning caves. You can also find a number of bone pieces on the bottom level of the church.


When looking for the best weapon to upgrade in Black Ops Origin, the Sliquifier will do the job. This weapon shoots a toxic purple liquid that disintegrates zombies on impact. Not only can you kill a lot of zombies at once, but you can also use the Sliquifier to create traps and make your enemies slip.

To get the Sliquifier, the player will need to find 5 items. They are located in a crafting table in the building underneath the power room. Once the player has five of these items, he can start using the Sliquifier. The weapon will explode zombies on impact, leaving a slick zone on the ground. This weapon will also earn you the “Slippery When Undead” achievement if you kill five zombies in a single shot.

Porter’s X2 Ray gun

If you’re looking for the best weapon to upgrade in Black Ops, you’ve come to the right place. The Porter’s X2 Ray gun is a fully automatic weapon that shoots lazer rounds in rapid succession. One clip can take out three or four zombies, and each shot can pass through two or three zombies. It’s also a very fast reloading weapon and has headshot multipliers. While this weapon can be difficult to use on low rounds, it can be effective in some situations.

While the Porter’s X2 Ray gun is an excellent weapon, it’s not the only one. You can also upgrade the Hell’s redeemer, which can only be found on original difficulty.


The Paralyzer is one of the best weapons to upgrade in Black Ops Origins, but it also has its drawbacks. Using it constantly can cause it to overheat, so it’s important to keep an eye on it. While it doesn’t damage anyone directly, it can slow down enemies and lift them into the air. This gun has unlimited ammo, but it does slow down your character. The Paralyzer can also be used with the jump button, which helps you reach rooftops and bypass wreckage.

Another good weapon to upgrade is the Hell’s redeemer. This weapon can slow zombies in a conical radius. However, it can only be upgraded on original difficulty.

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