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Best Web Hosting Control Panel List for Linux

by Nathan Zachary
Best Web Hosting Control Panel List for Linux

Finding the best web hosting control panel might be difficult because there are so many of them. So let’s explore what it is and how it functions before picking which one to employ.

What is a control panel for hosting?

A web-based interface tool called the hosting control panel is used to manage both their servers and the hosted services. One of the most convenient ways to monitor every hosting service is through a control panel.

You can keep an eye on services like managing domain names, setting up applications, and managing email accounts virtually with the right network thanks to the hosting control panel.

Although hosting control panels are typically easy to use, making a minor error requires more focus.

The ideal solution for controlling hosting services is a Web hosting control panel with a GUI.

Therefore, while choosing a hosting panel, pay close attention to its features and pick the most sophisticated one.

The most well-liked web hosting control panels available are listed below.

  1. Zesle Contro Panel
  2. Plesk
  3. Control Web Panel (CWP)
  4. ISPConfig
  5. Virtualmin
  6. ISPManager
  7. Vesta Control Panel
  8. DirectAdmin
  9. Ajenti
  10. Sentora
  1. Zesle Control Panel

Zesle Control Panel, often known as ZesleCP, is a flexible, user-friendly web hosting control panel. It gives various pricing packages that can be paid for monthly, annually, or permanently:

  • Solo
  • Personal
  • Pro
  • Business

Features of ZesleCP include things like:

  • API assistance
  • Multi-accounts.
  • Apps with one click
  • SSH keys administration
  • Firewall Manager’s interface is simple
  • ZesleCP is developed by Zesle Software Inc. (Canadian Corporation) 

The most recent version of ZesleCP is v3.1.17.

Licensing for the Zesle Control Panel is proprietary.

ZesleCP Changelog: https://zeslecp.com/changelog/

  1. Plesk

The most widely used commercial Web hosting control panel is Plesk. For both Linux and Windows, a commercial control panel has been created. For both dedicated servers and virtual private servers, it provides monthly and yearly pricing levels (VPS).

Features of Plesk include:

  • Total SSH access.
  • Increased safety.
  • Advanced observation.
  • Extensions of +100.
  • WordPress Toolkit in its entirety.

Plesk International GmbH is the creator.

Obsidian is the most recent release of Plesk.

proprietary license for Plesk.

  1. Control Web Panel (CWP)

For dedicated servers and VPS, Control Web Panel (CWP) is a potent, user-driven web hosting panel

It offers various license options:

  • A cost-free version
  • With or without support, a Pro version.
  • A partner-exclusive Pro version.

CWP was created for Linux operating systems and has the following features:

  • User interface that is modern and simple.
  • Increased safety.
  • Process automation in its entirety.
  • visualization of server logs.
  • Monitoring equipment.

Studio 2/4 hosts and Linanto LLC is the developer.

Free software is available under the Control Web Panel License.

  1. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is a Linux hosting control panel that is free and open source. It supports a wide range of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS, as well as daemons.

ISPConfig has functions like:

  • Many tiers of access.
  • Web server administration.
  • DNS server administration.
  • Management of mail servers.
  • Many managed services

The creator is ISPConfig UG.

ISPConfig 3.2.7p1 is the newest version.

The BSD license is applied to ISPConfig.

  1. Virtualmin

Based on Webmin, Virtualmin is an open-source website and domain hosting management panel. 

This control panel comes in two variations:

  • A free, open-source version is Virtualmin GPL.
  • Pay monthly or yearly for the premium version of Virtualmin called Professional.

For use with Linux and BSD systems, VirtualMin has the following features:

  • Higher-level access control.
  • Visualizing server logs is simple.
  • Monitoring equipment.
  • There are several security features.
  • Tools that are comprehensive for handling databases.

Created by VirtualMin, Inc.

The most recent version of VirtualMin is 6.13.

GNU General Public License is the license for VirtualMin.

  1. ISPManager

Based on Linux, ISPManager is a for-profit website and Web server control panel. It offers a 14-day free trial version and a number of licensing options that may be purchased for a monthly or yearly fee:

  • Lite
  • Pro
  • Host
  • Business

ISPManager has functions like:

  • Domain administration
  • Integrated security tools
  • Support for every major CMS
  • Backup plan.
  • On a single server, various PHP versions are supported

The creator is ISPsystem

ISPManager’s license is unrestricted

  1. Vesta Control Panel

A free, user-friendly Web hosting control panel is called Vesta CP. Vesta offers commercial plugins for a monthly cost or a lifetime license in addition to its basic free features. Its source code is openly accessible and can be downloaded and customized as needed.

Features of the Vesta Control Panel include:

  • Tracking server statistics.
  • A powerful mechanism for backup.
  • PAM authentication system for Linux.
  • Internal firewall
  • A quick web interface.

Vesta Control Panel is the creator.

Vesta 0.9.8-26, the most recent Vesta CP release

License for Vesta CP: GNU General Public License Version 3.

  1. DirectAdmin

The sophisticated and user-friendly web hosting control panel DirectAdmin. It offers a variety of licenses and is extremely customizable:

  • Free trial for 60 days
  • Personal
  • Lite
  • Standard

Ubuntu, Debian, and RHEL are just a few of the Linux distributions that DirectAdmin is compatible with. It has characteristics such as:

  • Comprehensive statistics on system utilization
  • Many tiers of access
  • SSL automatically
  • Endless possibilities for customization
  • Software packages that have been chosen are installed and configured automatically.

Architect: JBMC Software.

The most recent version of DirectAdmin is 1.62.9.

proprietary license for DirectAdmin.

  1. Ajenti

Ajenti is a free and open-source web hosting control panel that comes in two flavours: Ajenti 1.x for server administration and Ajenti 2 for lighter administrative tasks. Ajenti is compatible with numerous Linux distributions and was created for Linux and BSD computers.

Ajenti has attributes like:

  • The remote terminal that responds
  • Quick and safe access
  • Python allows for simple extension
  • There are several plugins available
  • Core Ajenti and V Ajenti

Ajenti Project is the creator.

MIT license for Ajenti.

  1. Sentora

Based on the principles of ZPanel, Sentora is a free, open-source web hosting control panel. It is designed for small and midsize ISPs and can operate on a wide range of Linux distributions.

Sentora has attributes like:

  • Full-featured control panel
  • Multi-client setting
  • Premium and group assistance
  • Streamlined management
  • A lot of add-ons.

The Sentora Project is the creator.

The most recent version of Sentora is 1.0.3.

GNU General Public License version 3 applies to Sentora.

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