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MUT 23 Coins Making Guide: Methods You Should Use ASAP

by Nathan Zachary
MUT 23 Coins

In Madden 23, how to get more MUT 23 Coins is always asked issues from the beginners, so today I would like to give you some coins gaining methods and some tips, some of it you may know before, but trust my those tips will help you more or less in different aspects.

Team Builder Exchange:


let’s talk about a method that a lot of people may already know but still some people can not take full advantage of it, the Team Builder Exchange. There is a good way to make it even better and more profitable than they have in the past. You can have three 80 to 81 OVR players and one 82 to 83 OVR players, but if you get these players for really cheap price maybe you still have these players in your binder right now, actually you can sell these cards for really good price. 

Obviously you want to know the most expensive at the moment for you cards, what I would recommend you to do is using a good filter for the Team Builders. Then just check anything around that range, sell the cards as long as you have. It’s really simple to do this method and it’ll probably take you only five minutes every single time, you can do this method probably over 10 times in an hour and you will have a lot of coins to racked up. 

Solo Challenges: 

I do want to cover solo challenges as a second method here, because there’s a lot of good rewards and good players that you guys can get from playing your solo challenges. There are different things that you guys can get for playing some of these solo challenges, like Campus Hero, Milestones, Legends and Ultimate Kickoff.

In Campus Hero Challenges you can have a lot of good players like 90 OVR Michael Crabtree, one of the best Wide Receivers in the game.

In the milestones you can find some free player in this one, at 60 stars you guys get a rate 86 cornerback Randy Moss, one of the tallest guys that can stop your opponents, not bad really at all. 


In Legend Challenges, if you guys go ahead and complete these solos, I think it’s going be a couple weeks from now you will probably get a free 93 to 94 OVR legend. So it’s a good reward and I definitely recommend playing your Legend solo challenges. You can also play like the ultimate kickoff solo challenges and get a bunch of Ultimate Kickoff XP for the Field Pass which leads me to the next thing I want to cover. 


Field Passes:

Field passes are the great ways of getting some coins. Firstly You can going ahead and completing the Competitive field pass, at least the BND 89 OVR pack is absolutely good for you to have, if you luck enough to get a good player, it is a decent reward for you. 

I also highly recommend you reaching level 22 which is 200 competitive points if you are able to. You will have 88 OVR Exclusive Tariq Woolen, who’s an absolute monster man, he’s super tall, really fast, an amazing card probably is the top three Cornerbacks in the game, not to mention that you can get lots of coins from that.

Then there is a brand new ultimate kickoff field pass in the game, I also recommend to complete this one, you can get tons of season XP, a 76 plus OVR Ultimate Kickoff player and a Random 87 OVR BND UK player, that could be very good and it’s really easy to complete these, as long as you can focus on these objectives. 


Quick sell: 

What I recommend quick selling the players from pack the 76 plus OVR Ultimate Kickoff Players. Every 76 and 77 player can quick sell without any hesitation, lots of things from this pack is worthy to open so if you guys are able to keep using this method, you can get decent profits. 

However, it’s also a really risky method right here if you want to do, I used to get 85 Mike Davis from this pack but most of time there is no such a good players. But you still can get a lot of Madden Coins from that pack, it is a very good method for you.


Other methods: 

Along with the methods above, it is a common situation that people to buy some MUT Coins when they need a big amount of coins in short time. The first thing is about the security and price, that’s the reason why I do not recommend any individual sellers, since those two basic elements can’t be guaranteed. Thus, third-party platform with rating system is much more trusted worth than a individual. You can also check the reviews from UTnice users on Trustpilot, after knowing the advantages, you can consider placing your orders. They also regularly host giveaways on Twitter for their enthusiastic and engaging fans, so be sure to follow UTnice Twitter if you want to get involved too!

Finally, the last thing is enjoy your game experiences in Madden 23. I know grinding coins is a hard process in the game, but when you finally build up your epic team, it is the best rewards for you hard works. Hope you can enjoy Madden 23 Ultimate Team mode. 

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