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Build an ADU in Beverly Hills – Things to Consider

by Nathan Zachary
ADU Contractors in Beverly Hills

The emergence of an additional dwelling unit in your neighborhood might have sparked your interest to add on such unit on your Beverly Hills (LA County), CA, property. You can specially create an ADU to meet your needs for a home office, extra living quarters for you or your visitors, or even an extension to an existing building like a detached garage.

There are a host of ADU contractors in Beverly Hills to fulfill your dream. However, you need to be cautious when selecting the best of the lot! Done Right Home Remodeling Los Angeles should be your one-stop destination, given their proven track record and housing top-grade ADU specialists who will work with you to create what you have visualized.

Let us look at a few things you need to consider before undertaking your ADU project:

1. An ADU as a Home Addition

It’s vital to compare a home addition and an ADU to determine which category of remodeling is most appropriate for your property because they can both achieve the same objectives to an extent.

  • Fresh Start: An ADU may be ideal if you want a home office detached from the main building or if your children are becoming older and searching for other locations inside the property to hang out with friends. These additions can be made and styled without modifying the way the primary house functions.
  • Effortless Connectivity: While an addition integrates with the existing structure, an ADU’s physical separation allows the property owner the flexibility of a distinct, personal space. Making a location more accessible to the rest of the house is an added advantage. It gives you the freedom to install an extra kitchen or design an office.
  • Value Addition: You’ll earn more square footage and improve the scope of livable space in whatever you choose: either a home expansion or installing an ADU. It implies an increase in the value of your property. If you feel home improvement in Beverly Hills is essential for you, we advise speaking with a specialist like Done Right Home Remodeling to investigate both possibilities.

2. ADUs Need to Be Livable

The utilities related to your existing home can be the same or distinct from the ADU, which can be detached or attached. The additional square footage should be livable to qualify as an ADU.

It means that a functional kitchen or bathroom is necessary. This criterion does not usually apply to additions, which you can use for several purposes, such as a recreation area, guest room, an enlarged kitchen, and so on.

3. ADU as a Revenue Generator

An ADU is a unique investment that can help resolve California’s housing crunch by facilitating multi-generational living arrangements. Since real estate dealings in Los Angeles are hard to come by, living in the existing property is the most practical and economical choice. You can also rent out your ADU for added revenue. Consider how long you’re prepared to stay without occupying the newly built apartment, what your family’s long-term goals are for the ADU, and if it is a better alternative for rental.

4. ADU for Privacy and Comfort

While you enjoy having family over and entertaining visitors, both groups need a little space when it’s time to unwind. It might also be a good option for adult children who return home after completing their education. They want personal space. Visitors or youngsters don’t want to interrupt the flow of the main building to enter the ADU.  An ADU has a separate entrance, and they prefer to use it. While enjoying full facilities, guests will have their bathroom and kitchen, creating a privacy barrier that leads to comfort.

Conclusion When determining whether an ADU would be a good fit for you, consider your ultimate aim for adding a room, the amount of available space and whether you want it to get connected to the main house or a separate unit. When you have decided on your project, you may, subsequently, consult a reliable ADU contractor such as Done Right Home Remodeling for further guidance.

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