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Bunker codes are an important part of Warzone’s gameplay because they allow players to collect a lot of loot and uncover intriguing secrets. Here is all the data you really want to be familiar with Disaster area dugout codes, including what they are, the way to utilize them, which ones change after some time, and their advantages. In Warzone, bunkers are the best place to get incredible riches and weapons to help you outgun your opponents. Accessing these bunkers requires specific tools and techniques, and they can be found all over the map, including close to the military installation. The areas and codes for each Disaster area dugout are available in this article.

Let’s take a look at each of the codes for the Warzone Bunkers one by one, along with detailed instructions on how to get to them, where each Warzone Bunker is, and every possible passcode and way in.

Secret key shelters of the Disaster area

These fortifications are available in the CoD Disaster area shelter code records that anybody can track down a line. To open them all, you need the same password, which can be found online easily. The following is a list of the original Verdansk bunkers’ locations (the “old Warzone bunkers”) and the passwords required to access them:

The Prison code

This “bunker,” which is located west of the Zordaya Prison Complex, is nothing more than a dingy, insignificant freestanding structure that serves no purpose. The Warzone jail bunker’s code is 72948531. Entering this through the keypad will allow you to enjoy the contents!

Code for the Farmland bunker In Warzone.

 the farm bunker is one of the most expensive bunkers on the map. Look for the enormous, multi-story barn, which is the farm’s largest structure; Under the stairs, you’ll find the necessary keypad. Warzone Farmland’s bunker code is 49285163. Because it has excellent loot, anticipate that other people will attempt to enter this bunker out of curiosity about bunker codes.

Warzone TV Station code

This tiny structure is located to the east of the big TV station itself and is another “bunker” that is more like a shabby little hut. It should be obvious from the keypad that this is the bunker you’re looking for. The Warzone TV Station bunker’s code is 27495810.

Code for parking bunker:

 Look for the hill between Tavorsk Park and Styor Spomenik. Although the bunker itself can be found and entered without a code, the goodies are secured behind a sealed door protected by the now-familiar keypad. 60274513 is the bunker codes for Warzone Park.

Code for Junkyard bunkers

 Despite being close to one another, you must enter two distinct bunker codes to access these locations. The Disaster area code for the North Junkyard Dugout is 87624851. You can get to it by entering the three bunkers that are connected to one another and are attached to the side of a single structure. When you enter from the right side, the reinforced door with the keypad is immediately visible. The code for the South Junkyard Bunker in Warzone is 97264138. On the south side of the junkyard, it is the only bunker. Take the stairs down to reach the keypad. Enter the bunker’s password.

Red Access Card Warzone Bunkers

These bunkers were made available for the first time in Season 5, and in order to enter them, you need a special Red Access Card—a rare loot item that can be picked up at random throughout the games. They are either in orange chests or a lucky opponent’s corpse. We recommend camping close to the military installation because of Bunker 11’s mischief.) These bunkers do not have bunker codes.

The Red Access Card Bunkers can be found here:

  • 0 Bunker: Under Zozsni Spomenik, the cliff face at the map’s south end.
  • 1st Bunker: Find the kart track at Promenade West, then head north.
  • 2nd Bunker: From Bunker 1, continue traveling north.
  • 3rd Bunker: In Bunker 2, use the trap door to enter.
  • 4th Bunker: Outside the dam, Bunker 4 can be found atop a cliff in the northwest corner of the map.
  • 5th Bunker: on the western side of the crash site, a fairly obvious sight.
  • 6th Bunker: Start in Quarry, which can be found on the map to the east, and then go southeast.
  • 7th Bunker: Follow the path to Karst Bridge before heading southwest. If you can locate a trap door, everything should be okay.
  • Shelter 8: In close proximity to Bunker 7
  • 9th Bunker: In the southwest corner of the map, you can see a bunker built into the cliff near the prison.
  • 10th Bunker: At the edge of the map, south of Downtown and Park.

Located northwest of the military base is Bunker 11, a rare bunker with a one-of-a-kind blueprint and an easter egg. Additionally, it is hidden and abandoned. Keep in mind that you must first “activate” the bunker with the phones by activating them in the correct order before entering.

Ending This pretty much sums up all of the bunker sites and codes in the Warzone. Keep in mind that finding them all will require a significant amount of intelligence, cooperation, and, most importantly, time. It is recommended that you discover each and every bunker codes that Warzone has to offer in order to improve the quality of your gaming experience. However, the Warzone bunkers’ merchandise are well worth your time.

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