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Can Termites Reappear If Not Treated Correctly?

by Nathan Zachary

Termites look for food all the time. A termite scout will actually travel a distance of roughly a football length every day in quest of nourishment. That’s a lot of distance for a tiny bug. Most homes’ frames are composed of wood, but termites devour everything with cellulose. This may be paper-like, cardboard, or styrofoam on your sheetrock walls.

You might think occasionally that termites are not a concern. Perhaps you recently purchased a home, and the previous owner claims to have had termites treated. Perhaps you’ve lived in the home for a while and are certain that you have had termite treatment at some point. You let your guard down and prepare to unwind when all of a sudden a suspicious mud tube, some discarded wings, or some droppings show up on your window sill. What is happening? Have you been duped by the previous owner, or the termite control business? Or is it possible that even after treating your home, termites could reappear?

The good news is that none of those individuals are most likely deceiving you. The bad news is that termites can reappear after treatment. They are actually some of the most difficult bugs to get rid of from a home. 

Strategies to Lessen the Chance that Termites Will Invade Your Home Again

First of all, various termite species call for various forms of treatment. A targeted treatment or whole-house fumigation will get rid of dry wood termites if you have them. 

In addition, if the termites you have are not dry wood termites and you have a targeted treatment or entire house fumigation done, it won’t even get rid of them. Without being bothered by the fumigation inside your house, damp wood and subterranean termites can bury themselves under the ground. The termites lurking in the earth will just reenter the house, even if you fumigate to kill the ones inside.

Underground termites breed incredibly fast. The fact that a single queen may produce millions of eggs annually implies that millions of termites are prepared to invade your home and begin devouring it. The likelihood of the termites returning and reestablishing their colony is very high if you don’t get rid of them entirely.

Instead of attempting to eradicate termites on your own, it is advisable to engage termite experts. This is so that experts can identify the type of termites causing the issue and know how to eliminate them. Tom’s Pest Control is affordable pest control in Sydney.

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

In order to ensure that your property is free of termites, Tom’s Pest Control, top pest and termite control Canberra firm, conduct termite inspections. They then work hard to help you maintain it that way by employing treatments that are made from natural ingredients and have little effect on the environment. They use the most effective techniques to treat infestations, addressing your termite problems once and for all. That makes them the top extermination business, along with their expertise, cutting-edge equipment, and skilled personnel. They put out a lot of effort to provide excellent service and use best techniques to address their customers’ termite problems. 

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