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Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan by sending decorative rakhis and yummy sweets

by Nathan Zachary
Rakhi Sweets

If you are confused about what to send along with the Rakhi then there is a solution to your problem. Oye Gifts provides options of a variety of gifts for sending along with the Rakhi. Online Rakhi Gifts Delivery in India is easy by using this online portal. You can get Rakhi delivery along with sweets on time by placing the order. The gift will be delivered within 2 to 3 hours after placing the order. Let us explore some of the amazing sweet options available as Rakhi gifts:

The taste of cashews in form of sweets

this gift combination contains two designer rakhis which are different in color, pattern, and form. Along with this Rakhi, we have a delicious sweet known as Kaju katli. It is prepared by using cashews or kaju in the form of the main ingredient. While eating this sweet we get the taste of this dry fruit. A pack of Roli and chawal are also sent along with the gift for facilitating the pooja ceremony.

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The love of gulab jamun

this is one of the sweets which is the favorite of almost every person in India. In this combination of gifts, we get two designer rakhis which are very pretty and different from each other. One of the Rakhi which is in yellow is made in a special design of braiding the thread giving the rakhi a Royal texture. There is a big box of tin-containing delicious gulab jamuns. This box is from haldirams and weighs 1 kg. A small packet of Roli and chawal are added to the gift.

The gift of Rakhi along with traditional sweet

From ages laddu’s are used as sweets while performing the ceremony of tying the Rakhi on the brother’s wrist. This gift contains a beautiful Rudraksha Rakhi along with a box of motichur laddu. Two dairy milk silk chocolates are also added to the gift. Two small containers of Roli and chawal are present in this gift hamper. This gift contains sweets in two forms one is the traditional laddu and the other is delicious chocolate.

The gift which contains multiple sweets

this gift hamper contains a beautiful designer Rakhi which is created to give a royal look. There is a 1 kg box containing delicious rasgullas. These are white in form and are different from gulab jamun. Along with it, we have a box of Ferrero rocher chocolates. These are very tasty. A small contapaaainer of Roli and chawal is added to the gift for performing the pooja.

The Soan papdi gift

this gift contains a designer Rakhi which is fixed to a red cushion along with a box of Sohan papdi from haldirams. This Rakhi with sweets is made by attaching layers and layers of the basic ingredients along with decorating it with lots of dry fruits. This sweet melts in the mouth.

The pearl Rakhi

this designer pearl Rakhi is sent along with a big pack of Kaju rolls. Unlike the Kaju katli sweet these Kaju rolls are cylindrical in shape. On the surface of these rolls, the silver coating is pasted and they are also decorated with dry fruits. This sweet is very tasty and is a different kind of sweet made from cashews. Two small bottles of Roli and chawal are sent along with the gift.

The special sweet dish

in the summers in India, almost every household keeps a delicious sweet known as petha in the refrigerator. You can send this special gift hamper which contains a beautiful Rakhi made up of pearls and stones. Along with this rakhi, we have a box of dry petha as the sweet. Petha releases the excess heat from the body and balances the temperature. It is very yummy. You can send Rakhi gift to your brother. We have our memories attached to this sweet. Since childhood, this is the common thing in our refrigerators during the summers. When you will send this gift, your brother will be excited and will cherish the old days spent with you.

The combination of sweets

this gift hamper contains a beautiful Rakhi which is decorated with beads and Moti. Along with the Rakhi, a box of Ferrero rocher chocolates and another box of Kaju katli from haldirams are sent. The stylish Rakhi is sent with two modern sweets. This is a special surprise for your brother.

You can send a variety of sweets along with the Rakhi as per your taste and choice.

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