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check if the furnace repairs service is insured

by Nathan Zachary
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How well have you maintained your furnace? Most consumers know the value of an annual furnace checkup, but only a few give it the weight it deserves. Routine checks and maintenance can save you more money down the line by reducing energy bills and the need for costly repairs and replacements. You also minimize breakdown risks and extend the furnace’s life expectancy. Nonetheless, this is only possible if you enlist the right furnace repairs and maintenance service.

Finding and hiring a trustworthy furnace repair service can be overwhelming, especially since you can be tempted to pick the first that pops on your search and is readily available to fix the issue in the middle of a cold winter. So, how do you navigate the competitive market loaded with irresistible offers and pick an ideal company? Below are a few pointers to get you going.

Ask around

The recommendations path is the most efficient when navigating new waters. A trustworthy relative, friend, colleague, or even a professional, like your go-to landscaper, can point you in the right direction. Ask around, and gather as much information as possible on pricing, customer service, and professionalism, among other aspects that shape a furnace repairs service’s character. The recommendations help you make a quick shortlist of companies to vet further and choose from, speeding up the process.

Check the accreditations

The first step in your vetting process should always involve ascertaining that the company is operating legally in your area. A valid license is a must-check; while you don’t want to think of what could go wrong, circumstances arise where you may need to protect your rights. A licensed company is easier to pursue since the regulations in your area bind them, and they are legal entities.

Besides licensing, check if the furnace repairs service is insured. Insurance may not seem like a great deal, but besides being a show of professionalism, it offers a lot. Liability insurance means that the furnace repairs technicians are covered in the event of an accident leading to personal injury while on your property. Insurance also means if the company causes any damages, their policy will compensate for any losses incurred. This gives you peace of mind, making it a critical accreditation check.

User reviews

In the modern online-oriented arena, user reviews are a huge part of online visibility. Companies leverage reviews in their search engine optimization efforts, which helps consumers gain valuable insights. Read through the testimonials, but don’t believe everything, especially on the company’s site. This is because some could be solicited or even “cooked” to tip you in their favor.

Check out reviews on independent websites as well; you’ll find a less-biased opinion that can help you make an informed pick. Avoid companies characterized by many negative reviews since yours could be next. If the reviews inspire confidence and sound genuine, you can confidently pick the furnace repairs company.


Hiring a freshly started company is okay. Nonetheless, for peace of mind, going for a company that has been around for some time is around. Don’t just look at the years, though; see if they actively handle furnace repairs.

An active company that has been around for some time is the go-to since they have the hands-on skills and equipment needed to deliver top-class services. They have worked on various units, meaning that they can efficiently navigate your furnace and provide prompt and thorough repairs and maintenance. Having been around for years also shows they most likely offer quality services since they can only survive if they can win and maintain clients.

Customer service

Customer service is often overlooked, yet it can make or break your relationship. Imagine hiring a company, and you can hardly follow up on when they will show, if they’ll ever, in the first place. Sitting in the cold for days with no answer can be frustrating, emphasizing the need to test customer service. Prompt, polite, and professional responses can help you develop a healthy and lasting relationship, meaning you’ll know who to call whenever you need furnace repairs.

The fine print

How does the service operate? Do they provide a written and detailed quote before beginning the service, or hit you with a crafty bill and leave you to figure out what happened? Transparency is critical, which is easier to achieve with clear and written agreements. Always avoid word-of-mouth agreements.

While on the fine print, check the warranties and ensure you understand their terms and conditions. Furnace repairs backed with a warrant offer peace of mind and can save you time and money. However, this is only if you understand the terms and ensure you follow them. If the terms are unclear or unfriendly, look elsewhere since the warrant will hardly offer any value.




Your budget is a definite check, but don’t make it the most important aspect. If it is the main checkpoint, you can easily fall for the cheapest rates, only to be frustrated by services that do not meet your expectation. Look more into the service’s value, not how much you pay. For instance, a company that offers valuable discounts along the way can save you more money in the long run, especially backed with friendly warranties. This delivers better value for your investment, making it worth every penny spent, unlike a cheaper option that forces you to have the repairs multiple times, with no warranty or notable offers.

Gut feeling

Furnace repairs on your property mean the technicians will need access. This means you need someone you can trust in your property. This makes your gut feeling an important check. If you don’t like and feel comfortable around the technicians, you’ll hardly let them do their job. Pick a company you like and that you won’t feel anxious allowing in your property.

Furnace repairs and maintenance, especially in the preparedness for the upcoming cold season, can’t be emphasized enough since you want the comfort you deserve. With the above pointers, you can browse through the market, find the right company, and ensure your furnace is ready to meet your heating demands throughout the season.

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