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Special Event: Common Errors People Commit When Scheduling

by Nathan Zachary
Special Event

Planning a special event can be challenging. In order to make the best possible first impression on your clients or guests, you should pay close attention to every last detail. Even the decorations and entertainment shouldn’t be forgotten, but the food is the most important thing. At any gathering, food usually sparks conversation and has the power to uplift a person’s spirits with just one bite. You want everything to be just right for your guests because the type of food you serve can be a significant reflection of your personality or your business.

You can do a number of things to make sure that everyone likes your food. Make sure it looks appetizing and is simple to eat and be aware of your audience and the environment.

While planning the menu, there are a number of “don’ts” to keep in mind, and knowing what to avoid doing is extremely helpful. As a result, Tikkas and Takkos have compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when booking a special event to assist you in avoiding some basic errors that could prove to be costly.

1. Lack of financial planning.

The cost of special occasions can rise quickly. Knowing your budget in advance will reduce the amount of back-and-forth communication, allowing the caterer or venue to design a menu that both parties will enjoy. When creating a budget for a special event, you should take staff costs, room rental fees, taxes, and gratuities into account.

2. The principle of value applies.

If you only have money for hamburgers, don’t expect steak and lobster. The event venue or caterer will most likely work with you if your event has a limited budget. Regarding your desires and the quantity of food needed to feed your group, be realistic. Sometimes ordering half of an item, such as stationary platters and appetizers, is sufficient for a group. You can get assistance in choosing the appropriate quantity to order from your caterer or the venue space.

3. Exaggerating or underestimating the population.

The cost of your event will increase with the number of attendees. Careful management of the guest list can bring down the final cost. The price of food, labor, taxes and tips rises as the group gets bigger. The majority of catering and event spaces have a deadline for final numbers. Typically, 48 hours beforehand. Even if your numbers change at the last minute, you will probably still have to pay the full cash payout.

4. Ineffective communication.

Due to their busy schedules, caterers and venues occasionally fall behind in communicating. Be patient; you’ll hear from them. The quickest response will come from using polite, courteous language in emails and phone messages. Angry emails and phone calls will make it take longer for you to get the answer you want.

5. Completing payment.

Managing catering and venue costs must be according to the cash flow. Up to 50% of the cost of the event may be required as a deposit. This deposit might not always be refundable. To learn more about the policy at the venue or with your caterer, inquire there. Following the event, prompt payment will be needed. If you take a long time to make the final payment, interest charges might be added to your bill.

6. Recognizing bar requirements

The price of your event can quickly rise if you have to pay for a bar for your attendees. You can get assistance from caterers and venue spaces as you navigate the cost increase brought on by a bar. You need to disclose the timing of service and options for cash or open bar. It’s also important to be aware of any licenses that might be necessary to allow the serving of alcohol off-site. Does the caterer already have a permit to serve alcohol off-site, or will they need to get a temporary permit? If you don’t follow them and apply for the right licenses, the government agencies in charge of alcohol could impose and cost a lot of money.

Contact the professionals at Tikkas and Takkos to learn how to avoid these and other mistakes. We are a culinary company with over 20 years of experience, and we cater to all kinds of special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Our services are available throughout Houston, Dallas, Bryan, and the surrounding areas from our location in College Station, Texas.

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