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Classic Kawaii Plushies: The Cute, Cuddly Way to Decorate Your Home

by Nathan Zachary

When you think of home decor, what comes to mind? For many, the answer is likely items that have some history or nostalgia behind them, whether its items passed down from family members or pieces they’ve collected while travelling the world. If you’re after home décor that has that sense of character and personality but don’t want to deal with the hassle of painting and rearranging your furniture all the time, there’s nothing better than cute and cuddly plushies!

What are kawaii plushies?

For those who don’t know what kawaii is, it’s a Japanese term meaning cute. It’s not just used for humans and animals—it also extends to furniture and objects! Just take a look at these amazing kawaii plushies for example. With adorable faces that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face (no matter how old they are!), these little guys can add more character and cuteness to your home in no time. But where can you find them? Online kawaii stores have been taking over lately, with many featuring one-of-kind items from Japan and even Asia in general.

How did they get their name?

Since its founding in 1990, My Heart has been committed to two things: making a cute and cuddly teddy bear for all those who wish for something special and giving back. Recently, it has teamed up with various cancer organizations throughout Japan on various campaigns that raise awareness for specific types of cancer. Moreover, every year at Christmastime (whether or not there’s a donation campaign ongoing), My Heart sends free presents to children’s hospitals as well as orphanages throughout Japan. To learn more about these programs or how you can help with donations and other efforts made by My Heart Teddy, please visit their website.

What do they look like?

A plush animal with a heart on it (for teddy bears), smiley face and two buttons for eyes. There are common kawaii plush animals such as kitties, pandas, dogs and even a chicken that has become famous from a Japanese TV show. These typical plush animals are very popular because they’re soft and cute as well as cheap so they fit into everyone’s budget! For example, you can easily find one at stores like Donki or popular kawaii store My Heart Teddy in Shibuya. They have them all in every color including rainbow and many different sizes too! Some even have accessories such as glasses or hats attached. What could be more adorable?

Where can you buy them?

Classic kawaii plushies are available in limited quantities in San Francisco’s My Heart Teddy store. In addition, many other shops and online stores carry Kawaii plushtoys. Check out our shop page for a selection of recommended shops! How do you get them? You can either order from an online retailer or you can go to a brick-and-mortar store and purchase one in person. If you’re not sure where your nearest location is, use Google Maps or Yelp to find one nearby. If you live outside of California but want a classic teddy bear without having to travel across state lines, check out our Online Store! All of our bears ship nationwide.

What next?

Next stop on your kawaii plush discovery tour should be Sanrio, Japan’s most famous purveyor of everything adorable. Since 1960, when Sanrio was founded by Shintaro Tsuji with a tiger cub named Taro as its mascot, more than 100 characters have been created and brought to life with whimsical appeal. If you’re in Japan for an extended stay (or even if you’re just passing through), it’s worth taking time to visit a few Sanrio stores. Whether you’re looking for an iconic character or trying to track down that perfect present for someone special back home, there’s a little something at every store guaranteed to delight fans of all ages. Did we mention they also sell some uniquely delicious confectionaries?

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