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Common Ecommerce Challenges SMBs Often Face

by Nathan Zachary
E-commerce challenges SMBs

Ecommerce businesses need to grapple with new technologies and hurdles as we step into a more dynamic era. Innovations like IoT and Augmented Reality (AR) have changed the business face of online stores, and owners are exposed to various hurdles and considerations. Since the Ecommerce conversion margins are slim, you need to bring innovative conversion solutions to the table. Watching out for challenges is crucial in the Ecommerce arena, especially if you are an SMB. This post will reveal common Ecommerce challenges SMBs often face. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Common Ecommerce challenges for SMBs:

Small and medium businesses often struggle with Ecommerce as they face unique challenges compared to brick-and-mortar shop owners. Owing to the unique rules and regulations of Ecommerce, the hurdles you will face down the road will test your nerves. You will face these challenges at every corner and must develop viable solutions. Here is a list of common challenges you can face!

1). Cybersecurity:

“Small businesses that focus their attention in the ecommerce space need policies and procedures to create a solid cybersecurity framework for the organization,” – says Victor Congionti, CIO and Co-Founder of Proven Data. A small ecommerce business owner must develop a solid security framework for the online store as the place is more vulnerable to hacks and cyber-attacks.

Since your small or medium business cannot afford downtime and data losses, you better develop a security plan. Since every transaction in your store is marginal financial success, you must not allow cyber attackers to ruin it. Keeping the data safe and secure should be your primary concern before starting a small/medium online store.

2). Customer experience:

Are you sure you can provide your online customers with the high-end experience they get in a physical store? It sounds challenging, but you need to accept and combat it! Selling online is different than a brick-and-mortar shop as there is least to no communication involved. However, experience is everything, and you should keep it top-notch!

“One of the most overlooked areas of customer experience in moving to ecommerce is pricing and customer segmentation,” – says George Dunham, CEO of epaCUBE. Customers will always expect to be treated well and demand a similar experience that they get in face-to-face shopping. Do you want to enhance your customer experience? Consider opting for ecommerce Solutions Dubai and let the experts help you!

3). Competition:

When it comes to competition, you will find various factors competing for your target audience. Everything will test your nerves, whether you talk about competitive pricing, product quality, or experiences. The best idea you can implement is to overcome the price competition by having a clear company value proposition.

Standing out from other ecommerce businesses is challenging, especially in terms of pricing factors. The industry has grown saturated, and you can’t outsmart all the rivalry forces. Although it’s not your fault, coming up with the latest pricing strategies could help!

4). Order fulfillment:

Easing your order fulfillment workload is the next challenge you will find on the chart. Being a small or medium ecommerce store owner, you may be inundated with more orders than you could manage in a standalone scenario. Most ecommerce owners often outsource order fulfillment and shipping, which can ease their workload and streamline the customer experience.

Dropshippers and other third-party logistic providers can help you tackle the challenge of order fulfillment. “Order fulfillment should be outsourced to a third-party fulfillment company whenever possible for increased efficiency,” – says Calloway Cook, Founder of illuminate Labs.

5). Quality website traffic:

Building and running an ecommerce website is complicated, but the biggest challenge is generating quality traffic for your online store. If you want to convert your visitors into potential prospects, your online store should contain the following features:

  • Modern-day design
  • User-friendliness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Virus-free
  • Easy navigation
  • Clear Call-to-action (CTA) buttons

Before you design your ecommerce website, it would be best to understand your target audience and realize what they want. If it resonates with your audience, you can win the race. Do you want to attract more online traffic and increase your sales? Consider opting for ecommerce Solutions Dubai and let the experts help your cause!

6). Website visibility:

Another nerve-testing challenge for SMBs is website visibility – the SEO game. How would you convert visitors to customers if they can’t find your website in search results? It is a threatening question, and owners must find a viable answer for this.

If your company website does not appear on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs), it is unlikely to win the race against your competitors. Investing your resources in the SEO game will help you enhance your visibility and generate traffic.

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Enhance your ecommerce sale with modern-day solutions!

Ecommerce might sound attractive, but the challenges under the hood will drive you away. Increasing sales take some SEO strategies and tactics for ecommerce websites which are hard to find without professional ecommerce specialists. Consider hiring them before your open your store!

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