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Parquet Or Platform: What Is the Difference

by Nathan Zachary
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Choosing between parquet or flooring is one of the most common doubts. When we face the reform of our home. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. So, it is important to know them a little in depth to be able to choose the one that best suits our tastes and needs. To choose best material and smooth installation consult from best Construction Companies in UAE.

Parquet Or King Construction Platform

In addition, certain practical aspects will depend on the type of floor we opt for. Such as installation or day-to-day life at home. For example, how should we clean the floor and with what products.

On the other hand, there are the aesthetic characteristics. Not all options have the same variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Nor, of course the same price.

Next, we will see what differences there are between parquet or flooring. And what types are there. Once you know the keys to each type of soil it will be easier for you to make your choice.

General Differences Between Parquet and Flooring

Parquet is a type of flooring made up of slats or sheets of noble wood approximately 1 cm thick and with a length that does not usually exceed 50 cm. made it of natural wood. The most common being walnut (the most expensive), oak, ash, maple, and beech (the cheapest).

In the case of the platform, rather than sheets of wood, we would speak of plates, since they are boards that are wider and denser than those that make up the parquet. The platform, in addition, can be vinyl, which gives it more resistance to humidity; or solid, which is the highest quality.

When we talk about parquet, we talk about 100% wood. In the case of the platform, this is also usually the case, although it can make of other synthetic materials that imitate wood.

But the main difference between the two types of flooring is how they laid.

Parquet Or Flooring Difference

Construction Companies in UAE
Construction Companies in UAE

Parquet Or Platform: The Installation

Parquet requires a more complex installation process than flooring. It consists of superimposing different wooden boards on the floor, previously removing the previous floor.

The placement must be very careful to achieve adequate support, grip, and resistance of the floor. And after laying, the parquet requires a precise drying time, after which it must level and varnished. Therefore, laying a parquet is a much more cumbersome process than laying flooring.

The parquet replaces the floor that was there before, while we place the platform on top of the existing floor

As for the flooring, its installation does not require the addition of superimposed sheets, but rather a single sheet, the flooring itself. In which placed directly on the floor. In other words, the platform does not replace the original floor, it only covers it from above. It is for this reason that we called a floating platform.

This implies that laying a platform is a much simpler process and, therefore, much faster than laying a parquet floor.

Aesthetic Aspects

Due to its simpler manufacturing process (in a single board, without overlapping sheets), the wooden sheets that make up a platform all have the same homogeneous appearance. And this gives us a very good clue to distinguish parquet or flooring.

The Platform Is More Uniform Than the Parquet

However, this is not an obstacle so that the platforms can choose from different textures and colors.

In the case of parquet, as we have already mentioned. It made up of superimposed thin sheets of wood. Sheets often make by combining different woods. So, the end result is that we are dealing with non-identical sheets.

The quality of the wood will have a decisive effect on how the parquet looks.

That is to say that a parquet will not have a uniform appearance, unlike the platform. In addition, in a parquet we can observe more varied geometric shapes.

Differences Parquet or King Construction Platform

Parquet Or Flooring: Cleaning and Care

In principle, whether it is parquet or flooring, the way to clean them will be similar. We believe that the standard method is well known: clean the surface with a cloth or mop moistened with water and vinegar.

However, with regard to maintenance, flooring has the advantage that it is more resistant to rubbing than parquet. This applies above all to vacuum cleaning.

Parquet requires more care, but sanding from time to time will make it look like new again

However, this greater resistance of the flooring to scratches the offset by a greater sensitivity to humidity. That is why you must be careful when you pass the cloth or mop and make sure that it is not very soaked.

An advantage and at the same time disadvantage of parquet with respect to flooring is that it allows you to sand it from time to time. This way you will be able to remove the most persistent dirt and make your floor look again as if it just lay. But of course, this will mean scratching your pocket more.

Price Difference

If you are not very observant. The truth is that you may think that choosing between parquet or flooring does not matter too much, since both are very similar. In this case, the determining factor for you may be the price.

As you may have already imagined, laying parquet flooring is cheaper thanks to the fact that installing parquet requires more labor. Especially the slashing process. Which is what leveling parquet call, is a complex task. The more placement work, the more time, and therefore more billing.

The Platform Is Cheaper Than the Parquet

However, it should note that the final price of the flooring or parquet will depend on the manufacturing material, that is, the type of wood chosen.


If you do not want to complicate yourself too much, or spend a lot of money on laying the floor, laminated flooring is the most affordable option.

But if what you want is a unique, colorful, and shiny floor, with a more elegant finish, with parquet you will get that extra quality.

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