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Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards

by Nathan Zachary

Disease, provide the latest data on its spread, and help limit contact with people who may be infected. One of the most useful apps, contact tracing, is used by health departments to identify people who may have come into contact with COVID-19.

PNP coda

The pnp coda dashboard and apps allow you to access information related to the coronavirus pandemic. The Dashboard lets you view all the data in the database and includes a visualization tool. You can input data from your computer or mobile device with an internet connection. For example, if you’re a PNP officer, you can input the patient’s date of birth and first name to find out the number of cases they have treated for Covid-19. This data is then made available to the government.

PNPCODA’s data portal makes it easy to view the data collected by the COVID-19 vaccination program. The website is free to use and offers valuable health and security information. The website allows PNP staff members to register anytime, and civilians can also register to receive information. Increasing access traffic has been seen during the country’s recent national vaccinations and additional self-assessment modules.


COVID-19 Gov PK is a mobile app that lets people record and track their symptoms of COVID-19. The app is only available to users who have registered. It also offers an interactive map that shows where the disease is most prevalent. The app also allows users to share their symptoms with other people.

COVID-19 Gov PK is an app developed by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication and the National Information Technology Board. It aims to educate people about the disease and prevent its spread. It is estimated to have more than five hundred thousand installations. However, the app’s privacy policy is limited and does not specify how it will protect people’s information.

Since the outbreak began in March, Pakistan has reported nearly 15,000 cases of coronavirus and 32 deaths. The government estimates that almost 1,000 people are infected with Covid-19 daily. However, experts say these figures are a bit misleading because they reflect only a small number of people being tested daily. Considering the country’s 220 million population, the number of cases is not insignificant. Read more

Worldometer Coronavirus

The Worldometer Coronavirus apps and dashboards comprehensively view the global COVID-19 outbreak. Data is collected from thousands of sources and manually analyzed by Worldometer staff. The Worldometer platform uses real-time graphics to visualize trends and statistics. Its data is trusted by the UK Government, The New York Times, the Government of Pakistan, and the University of Oxford.

Worldometer statistics have been requested by several organizations and publishers, including Oxford University Press, Wiley, Pearson, CERN, and the World Wide Web Consortium. It has also been cited in more than 10,000 published books. Other notable organizations and events that have requested Worldometer’s data include the United Nations Rio+20 conference, a U2 concert, and the American Library Association.

COVID-19 Dashboard

The WHO’s COVID-19 Dashboard is a user-friendly way to track the latest outbreak information. The Dashboard includes verified information on COVID-19 cases, fatalities, and vaccination rates. Links to pertinent resources are also provided. Many different things can benefit from this knowledge. You can check the latest counts of COVID-19 outbreaks worldwide and see which countries are most affected by this epidemic.

The COVID-19 Dashboard also allows you to see trends in the rate of the disease by zip code or county. This tool provides information on the number of cases, deaths, and vaccinations each county is experiencing. The COVID-19 Dashboard can be updated weekly or monthly, depending on the area in question.


Coronavirus apps and dashboards provide valuable information about the disease and how to stay safe while traveling. The developers of COVID-19 dashboards have gained technical expertise via recruitment methods and social networks. In Hong Kong, for example, the public health research collaborative and volunteers have contributed their medical knowledge and public health experience to the project. They also wrote a COVID-19 for Dummies web page and provided additional information to the COVID-19 Dashboard.

Coronavirus apps and dashboards are valuable tools for public health organizations, hospitals, and health care providers to keep track of patients and outbreak information. The mobile apps provide detailed, timely information and include self-assessment tools. They also provide summary health statistics. In addition, these apps are a guide for future researchers and developers who wish to build well-designed mobile applications.

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