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Crazy Princess Rania Spoiler: What Happens Next?

by Nathan Zachary
Crazy Princess Rania Spoiler: What Happens Next?

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have already played Crazy Princess Rania, you know there are some crazy things that happen in this game! But what happens next? I won’t spoil it, but it could be up to you.

You can play through the story yourself or read the full version, which contains all these twists and turns below! Note that this guide contains heavy spoilers, so it’s best to only read if you’ve already played the game! If you haven’t played yet, go play first! Trust me, and it’s fun!

From the Start

A number of different readers have been curious about what happens next with Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler. While I can’t spill any specific details just yet, it’s clear from novel spoilers that she’s going to be a part of Black Winter for sure.

Her role is unclear, but what is clear is that something happens between her leaving Loges and The Spoils showing up at Roan Village. In other words, there’s a gap where something important could happen.

Capture His Heart, But Not Too Fast

A Black Winter spoiler novel updates / crazy character spoilers, with black winter For a princess, what I saw on Black Winter update chapter 69, don’t let your loved ones go too fast. A person who lacks restraint and has no patience will miss some beautiful moments in life.

It’s okay if you look like a fool for that. In order to avoid it happening again and make your story more romantic! Not only can you learn about how to build up love for each other, but also teach how to not push your loved ones away too fast. Do you agree? Let’s see now!

How to Take Good Care of Him

In order to take care of a man, you must first learn how to communicate with him. He may have a strong exterior, but he needs your help and guidance in order for him to feel loved and appreciated. If you don’t think your communication is good enough, here are some suggestions for improving it. People always make time for what’s most important to them.

When working out how much time you need each week to spend with your partner, remember that if it really matters, then there will be time for it. If something is truly important in your relationship life, then overcoming other priorities will naturally fall into place. Build trust through respect and commitment!

Give Him Space

Let your partner come to you. The give him space suggestion is fine in theory, but it’s actually very difficult in practice. If he just told you that he wanted space, then, of course, give him space. However, if he isn’t talking to you and hasn’t said anything about needing time for himself, trying to give him space won’t do any good.

I mean, really, how you are supposed to do that? In fact, not contacting him will likely make things worse (because giving him more space means that more time has passed without contact). It would be best for you to confront his behaviors head-on and ask directly what exactly is going on with him.

He’s Tired, Comes to Take a Nap

Whenever he’s hurt or tired, Dorian has no problems relaxing in bed for a few hours to recover. However, his recovery speed doesn’t mean that he’s actually getting better from those naps; it just means that rest will actually fill up some of his manna pool every time he takes a break!

Unfortunately for him, once that recovery happens, it also makes him overly relaxed and unfocused. This may be bad when trying to learn something new, but perfect when all you want is to relax after a hard day. When in bed and don’t feel like dealing with anyone else right now, go ahead and sleep! You deserve it! (Black Winter Novel Spoilers)


There is a lot of great stuff coming for players. While we can’t talk about everything, we can say that there will be new activities and quests in update 14, as well as other things that we are saving on announcing at a later date.

Plus, those looking to get into dungeons will want to pick up some dungeon gear and make sure they have experienced party members. I hope you’ve enjoyed our crazy princess Rania spoiler!

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