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Details & operating directions of freight elevators

by Nathan Zachary
an open cargo freight elevator with cartons

The main design of the freight elevators is on welded high-strength rectangular pipes. It has high strength, more lifting capacity, stability, and simple yet convenient installation and maintenance. It is an economical and practical low-floor elevator to replace the ideal cargo transport machine.

Key elements of a freight elevator:

  1. Guide rails are used in freight elevators to ensure that the elevator platform runs smoothly between the tracks. A freight hydraulic elevator transports items between building floors and warehouses. The lifting height varies between 1 and 20 meters.
  2. Installing Freight elevators should get done with a cargo platform or steel frame. It may lift and unload immediately from the ground. Operations need to perform smoothly by forklifts and manual hydraulic forklifts. After the operation completes, the platform and the ground are flat. Take up the ground area without interfering with the path.
  3. The specially built balance system enables a constant and smooth pressing process. The rail-type lifting freight elevator’s hydraulic system includes an anti-falling, overload safety prevention mechanism and operation buttons that can be installed on each floor and elevator work surface to accomplish multi-point control.
  4. Freight elevators’ main structure is made of high-strength rectangular pipes, which have high strength, a large carrying capacity, stable lifting, and simple and convenient installation and maintenance. It is an economical and practical low-floor elevator to replace the ideal cargo-conveying equipment.

Freight elevator’s operation:

Ever wondered what the difference between freight elevators and ordinary elevators is? Well, the answer is how it functions. The fright elevators carry all these functions we are about to discuss.

  1. A large load capacity of 30 tonnes, multi-point control, and interactive interlocking of higher and lower floors use to achieve safe use.
  2.  Multi-point control, interactive interlocking of upper and lower floors for safe operation.
  3. High lifting height, use of a side-mounted oil cylinder or a double-test type oil cylinder, stable operation, no noise, easy maintenance, and long service life. Manual lowering after the power outage, emergency stop button, handy, quick, and useful.
  4. The pit depth is typically 15 cm-30 cm, and the top layer’s height is not limited and gets tailored based on the site environment.
  5. The floor door may breach, and the interior and outside of the factory building open simultaneously. This makes it convenient and saves space. it is especially suitable for 2-3 storey steel construction factory buildings inside and outside.

Freight elevators’ civil engineering advantage

There is no need for a machine room above the elevator; the top floor is 3.5 meters or more in height.

The machine room, which occupies only 3-4 square meters, can be situated within a 15-meter radius of the elevator.

The hydraulic elevator lacks a balancing device to increase the use rate of the shaft area.

The hydraulic elevator load and load through the oil cylinder act directly on the foundation pit, and the shaft strength is poor. A brick structure or a brick concrete structure is sufficient.

Freight elevator’s safety and stability advantage

There are a few things to remember for an elevator to operate smoothly and safely. Below we have listed a freight elevator’s safety and stability advantages for a commercial project.

The relief valve prevents excessive system pressure during upward movement.

When the power goes out, the car lowers to the nearest floor to access the door.

When the system fails, the manual pump can pump high-pressure oil into the automobile to lift it to a lower floor.

Oil tank temperature protection:

Suppose the oil temperature in the oil tank exceeds the standard set value. In that case, the oil temperature protection mechanism will signal to stop elevator operation and restart the elevator only after the oil temperature reduces.

Freight elevators operating cost advantage

Getting a freight elevator includes much competitive advantage for the business using it. With elevators, there are many hidden costs that incur while operational.

Low failure rate: The elevator operating failure rate decreases to a lower level by employing a good hydraulic system and a reasonable control mechanism.

Low power consumption: when the hydraulic elevator descends, the pressure created by its weight makes it propelled, significantly reducing energy usage.

Cargo Lifts are usually called “Goods Lift”

A goods lift, sometimes known as a cargo lift, is a mechanism that safely lifts products vertically. Only during loading and unloading are people permitted on the lift. A goods lift with an attendant (also known as a goods/person lift) is an exception. These types of elevators necessitate extra precautions. Small goods elevators, service lifts, kitchen lifts, tyre lifts, lifts in storage places, high-duty goods lifts, goods lifts with a cage, chairlifts, and wide more varieties are available for every application.

More about Cargo Elevators:

  1. A shaft with a cabin and elevator doors built into the shaft wall
  2. Handrails and gates on the platform and lift doors in the shaft wall are provided in a shaft.
  3. Lifts that are self-supporting (fixed shaft) include lift doors
  4. Instead of shaft mesh walls or special steel bar doors surrounding the lift, consider mesh wall doors or special steel bar doors.
  5. Instead of a shaft, a cargo elevator is a self-supporting cage with personalized doors.
  6. All goods lifts are custom made available for indoor or outdoor use.

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