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Difference between Pelle Pelle and AVIREX

by Nathan Zachary

Are pelle pelle and AVIREX the same brands?

Since both of the brands secured a well-known positioning in the textile industry, a lot of people confuses it as same. There is a turmoil state ruling over the minds of millions that may be both brands are linked to each other in some way.

The only thing that is common in both clothing lines is the success huge company had in their times.

Well, let’s find out in the next 5 minutes the key differences between the two known names.


Pelle Pelle, a private American company, is an urban fashion brand designed by Marc Buchanan. The Michigan-based leather outwear company was launched in 1978. You might have heard a lot about this particular name from your parents or other people belonging to Gen Y. This makes it clear that Marc’s corporation was a well-known outwear brand of its time.

Well, the main reason for its fame was its unique selling point, the vibrant leather jackets. Combining the look of streetwear and biker jackets, Pelle Pelle secured a unique position in the market textile.

Pelle Pelle Leather jackets with huge glossy letters and different patches gained the preferences of many musicians. The eye-catching florescent jackets supporting the hip-hop artists perfectly created brand awareness for Buchanan’s company. And this is the reason why the charisma of this brand is alive today.

Moreover, this company isn’t operating now, but people are still longing for it to make a comeback.


Founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975, AVIREX started as the brand for military apparel. For the United States Air Force, in 1987, the company worked on the re-issuing of the A-2 jacket. Jeff established its business as a leader in original period aviator jackets. The operations lasted for 45 years, after which the clothing line took a huge break from manufacturing the outwears.

This first company to produce high-quality antique leather jackets made a comeback in 2021.

According to Mr. Clyman, he sold the label AVIREX in 2008, and now his clothing line is known as Cockpit USA. If you are a fan of military or force jackets, buying AVIREX outfits can be the best option. It just requires you to have a burning hole in your pocket.


Reading the above para, you will now be sure that the two names have distinctive features and characteristics. If you are prudent enough to take care of your pockets, you can go for Pelle Pelle. But, if you are a die-hard fan of military outfits, AVIREX is the best brand to go for.

Plus, one more thing that we would like to add here is that Jeff’s company made its comeback last year. The jacket you will be seeing on the internet will be produced by his own hip-hop jackets company, so you can be sure of quality and durability.

On the other hand, marc’s corporation hasn’t begun its operations yet. So if you are currently seeing any jackets of Pelle Pelle that are all inspired jackets, be sure of that.

And this is the main reason behind the cost differences of both companies.

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