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Do Irish Wear Kilts at Weddings? Irish Kilt Outfit Ideas

by Nathan Zachary

Irish Wedding Kilts!

A traditional Irish wedding is a very special event. It is often a time for people to get together and share their love for each other. It can also be a time when you get the chance to show off your best dress in public.

Weddings are often seen as an occasion where people show off their fancy dress and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best outfit for the occasion. And here comes Irish kilts for men because Kilts are a traditional garment worn by men in Ireland at weddings. It is not only a symbol of the wedding, but also an important part of Irish culture.

Weddings are a time for the Irish to show off their kilts. And it’s not just a matter of wearing them on the dance floor, it’s also important to dress appropriately for the occasion. Many people, especially in the North of Ireland, choose to dress in kilts. In contrast to Scottish kilts, which represent various clans, tartan kilts traditionally represent the various counties and districts in Ireland. An Irish national tartan can be worn in addition to the county-specific tartans.

Irish Kilt for wedding

Members of the wedding party can wear a Brian Boru jacket with a bow tie, a tux shirt, knee-length socks with matching ribbons, a Ghillie brogues shoe, and a Sporran with a shamrock design for a traditional take on the Irish wedding kilt.

Consider wearing your clans tartan or the national patterned fabric as a formal suit. wear a trouser instead of a kilt and style yourself with a stylish tartan suit, or incase you have the tartan material sewn into your traditional wedding kilt suit as the insert for a more contemporary look. Irish tartan can also be used on your wedding accessories, table runners, and other wedding stationery.

Reasons Why Irish Men Wear Kilts At Weddings!

Wearing a kilt, Ireland’s traditional wedding dress, is a surefire way to have an unforgettable occasion. After all, kilts have a long history in both culture and history. Dressing in this manner demonstrates your honour as a true and a true expression of patriotism.

The Kilt for Irishmen represents!

Irish kilts for wedding


People believe that the Irish kilt is the representation of patriotism of nation, religion, class, or privilege. They have been worn by the Irish people since the 1800s. The kilts are worn in ceremonies and celebrations, and to show your patriotism when you get married. Kilts are a typical symbol of Irish nationality, so it is not surprising that they are used as a sign of patriotism ( do irish wear kilts ) .


Irish kilts are a cultural memento for some and a sign of pride for others. It is also a way to pay tribute to the culture. They are a sign to pay tribute to their culture and heritage. They are unique in the sense that they are very different from the traditional kilts worn by men in Ireland at weddings.


You can proudly display your gratification towards Irish heritage by donning a kilt, which is a type of heritage dress. These irish wedding kilts are a time-honoured symbol of pride for them.

Clan Affiliation

It is customary to wear your clan tartan to a wedding. Every generation attending the wedding will be able to pay tribute to their ancestors in this manner. For some, the kilt is a piece of clothing of rich social importance and is related with much public and family ancestry. Subsequently, the kilt is treated with unique excellence and for the most part just worn at formal undertakings like weddings.

Cultural Significance

The Irish kilts are a symbol of cultural significance and have an important place in the heart of Irish people. It is still worn by many people in Ireland today. This is because it symbolises the country’s history and culture. The kilts are also used at weddings as a way to show respect for the country’s past, and its people you can also visit our amazing tartan kilt .

Irish Kilts For mens

Important Things To Consider While Planning Your Irish Kilt Outfit!

Here are some general things for you to consider while you are planning your wedding day attire!

Do Your Research What’s Trendy!

Although mens utility kilts are turning out to be incredibly popular, they’re altogether different from wedding kilts. A formal utility kilt might be acceptable to wear to a wedding. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that traditional Irish wedding kilts should be treated with respect due to their heritage. Having said that, before dressing up in a traditional kilt, get to know your wedding party.

Always Schedule Your Wedding Attire In Advance

If you want to achieve the perfect irish wedding look, time is of the utmost importance. After measuring, you should give the manufacturer two to three months for delivery of your wedding kilt. However, you should allocate additional time in the event that merely modifications are required. The fabric pattern’s accessibility should also be taken into consideration. Give yourself four to five months overall for this.

Get Dressed Up In Kilts With Proper Accessories Of Kilt

Is your wedding dress in a kilt looking a little boring? There is nothing that can’t be fixed with a few kilt accessories. With a few fancy accessories, you can elevate your kilt look, from kilt brooch to Scottish pins. Don’t be afraid to dress it up with a traditional skinny tie or bow tie if you’re wearing a button-down shirt over it. Add sporran, Scottish socks and kilt flashes. Additionally, men’s jewellery is an easy way to dress up your appearance. You can go to any wedding venue with a designer pair of cufflinks or wristwatch on.

Make Sure Your Kilt Is Knee Length

Make sure your wedding kilt outfits fits properly, just like anything else you wear to a wedding. You’re just going to look silly in it if it doesn’t fit right. It is recommended that you order kilts one size larger than your usual pant size if you are unsure of how your wedding kilt should fit. If it’s large, you shouldn’t be too concerned. You can always go to a tailor to have it tailored to your waist and height measurements if it runs too big. Even though it will set you back a little extra, a fitting will ensure that you look stunning as long as your tailor is skilled in his craft.

Irish wedding kilts

On the day of the wedding, the groom ought to don a dark suit; He needs to look professional because this is a formal event. He can also rent a kilt from a local store or an online retailer like Scottish Kilt or Next if he does not already own one. In addition to looking smart, the groom should ensure that his outfit fits him correctly. He should also pay close attention to his shoes, which must complement his whole attire and be well-polished.

We hope you will feel at ease and have a great time at your wedding, no matter what you choose to wear. Take a look at our favourite Irish wedding traditions to learn more about planning a traditional Irish wedding. That’s all for now, It’s time to go shopping!

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