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Does cleaning increase business productivity

by Nathan Zachary

It has been demonstrated that keeping workplaces tidy enhances employee productivity Maintaining a comfortable. and productive work environment will be easier with diligent attention to hygiene. In order to provide a comfortable work environment for employees as well as to present a professional image of the business to clients. suppliers, and visitors, cleanliness is a crucial component. A company’s reputation and standing can be damaged by subpar facility maintenance

To avoid this. It is important to have a quality cleaning company like cleaning services copenhagen that will bring you the following advantages:

Increased productivity

Different studies affirm that the efficiency of workers increases in a clean and orderly space. However, if the work environment is not good with bad conditions and even some type of disease derived from this, productivity is reduced by half.

Increased accuracy at work

You don’t waste time looking for documents or other items if everything is organized effectively Because everything is in its proper place. it decreases tension and the possibility of mistakes when activity is resumed. Those in charge of handling huge inventories will always be aware of the available quantities, what to order, etc.

Reduction of occupational accidents

Companies are required to provide workers with a minimum level of safety and protection under the Occupational Accident Prevention Law When it comes to cleaning. unsanitary conditions can lead to falls or other forms of mishaps in the workplace that could be prevented with a quality cleaning service.

Decreased absences from work

The accumulation of germs and bacteria in a closed space with many people can contribute to infections or diseases. that must be avoided with specific cleaning techniques for these spaces.

Aspects to take care of when cleaning companies

Cleaning frequency is essential in a company. The space should be cleaned at least twice a week, although this will depend on the length of the space. The number of workers and the nature of the business. A customer service company will need more cleaning days than another where people from outside the company do not enter. Normally there is a work routine in the cleaning tasks to obtain the best results. These are some of them:

Ventilation: Refreshing the air is typically the first responsibility of cleaning staff. It is crucial to hold off until all workers have left the company.

Dust removal:

All furniture and surfaces are manually dusted, and the floors are vacuumed.

Waste removal:

it is important to evacuate all waste from the facilities, especially if it is organic to avoid bad odors.

Surface cleaning:

After the dust has been removed, each case-specific cleaning solution is used to clean the walls, moldings, and other surfaces throughout the facilities.


equipment that has been used during the day, such as telephones, computer keyboards, mice, etc., is cleaned to eliminate possible bacteria from its surface. Also sensitive rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, cafeteria, etc.

Other tasks:

Vacuuming carpets or floors periodically is necessary because they need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the buildup of filth. Although it will depend on the location and weather of the site, window washing is another factor to consider.

At jacobsens-rengøring we know the importance of professional cleaning in companies and we have the material. and the most qualified professionals to carry out this cleaning and obtain the best results for your firm. Do not hesitate to consult us and trust in the best partner to achieve shiny and always welcoming facilities.

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