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Does Silver Go With Rose Gold

by Nathan Zachary
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You may be wondering if silver and rose gold are a good match. Well, the short answer is yes! I have some tips for you so that you can decide which pieces of metal look best together.

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Rose gold is a tricky colour to match. It’s a warm colour, so it can clash with cool colours and it’s also a light colour, so it can clash with dark colours.

It can also clash with other colours of gold and silver, like yellow gold or white gold. If you have rose gold jewellery that you would like to wear together but aren’t sure how they’ll look on your skin tone or with your other accessories, there are some things you can do to make sure the pairing goes smoothly.

The Colour Psychology of Rose Gold and Silver

When you think about the colour psychology of rose gold and silver, it’s important to understand that these metals have very distinct personalities.

Silver is a metal whose natural state is grey or white, but can be oxidised or alloyed with other metals to create the bright white appearance that we see on sterling silver jewellery. Rose gold has a warm reddish-brown hue because it’s made from copper mixed with gold, giving it an earthy feel.

When choosing between these two metals for your jewellery designs, consider not just their colours but also their symbolic meanings as they relate to your brand identity. For example:

  • The coolness of silver makes it a great choice when you want customers to associate your products or services with sophistication and elegance; buying into this trend will likely resonate well for older demographics who may already associate those qualities with the metal itself. On the other hand.
  • Gold has traditionally been associated with wealth since ancient times—and judging from today’s society where “bling-bling” seems like an acceptable word in conversation (or at least an adjective), there’s no doubt that glittery things still make people happy!

Start Small

When you’re first starting out, it’s best to start with a pair of earrings or a bracelet. Silver and rose gold are both neutral colours, so they’ll look great together on the same outfit. This makes them easier to match and less overwhelming than trying to match multiple pieces at once.

Once you’ve made it work with just one piece, you can expand your repertoire by adding more pieces in silver and rose gold as time goes on—and if they don’t really mesh well together, no big deal! You can always take them back!

Silver Jewellery Online

Time To Layer

Now that you know what silver looks like with rose gold, it’s time to layer. Layering is a great way to mix and match different colours in your jewellery collection, so we’ve put together some ways to do just that!

Try mixing silver with other metals such as gold and platinum for a unique look.

Layer your silver jewellery with rose gold pieces. You can also pair them up by wearing both on the same hand or coordinating them in your outfit (like putting them both on one ring finger).

Keep In Mind Your Outfit

If you’re planning on wearing a lot of rose gold, then don’t wear too much silver—you’ll be overdoing it on the bling front and run the risk of looking tacky or costume-y (we’re talking too many sparkly bracelets here).

Likewise, if you’re going for a more minimal look and have chosen more plainer pieces in your outfit, then don’t go overboard with the rose gold either—it’ll just look like you can’t make up your mind!

Finally, remember that there are many other colours that have been thrown into this mix: blacks and browns are great neutrals that go well with both metals; pinks will complement each beautifully but they should be used sparingly otherwise, they’ll clash; oranges work too but may overpower either metal depending on their saturation level.

Whether you’re pairing Silver Jewellery Online with rose gold, or matching other types of metal, there are simple tricks for making them look good together.

  • Match the tones. Silver and rose gold have similar warm undertones, so they belong together in a complementary way. You can also try this trick with gold jewellery, which has an entirely different tone than silver and rose gold.
  • Match the metals to your outfit or skin tone. If you’re wearing an outfit that features a lot of reds and pinks, it may be best to match your jewellery accordingly—or vice versa if you want to play up a more cool-toned colour palette!
  • Match the metals to your eye colour (this one is optional). If one eye is blue and one is green, it might make sense for them both to be accented by blue or green pieces of jewellery because this will keep things balanced out visually when looking at yourself from either side (and no one wants asymmetrical accessories).

If you have a few different shades and hues of metal, layer them by putting lighter tones closer to your face and darker tones toward your neck.

When it comes to layering different metals, the rule of thumb is to layer lighter tones closer to your face and darker tones toward your neck.

For example, if you’re pairing gold with rose gold, opt for a bright yellow gold ring with a pale rose gold watch or bracelet. However, if you’re looking for something more striking than just wearing two pieces of jewellery together at once (which can sometimes seem jarring), try out these other combinations:

  • Gold + Silver
  • Rose Gold + White Gold
  • Silver + Blackened Silver (or Blackened Copper)
  • White Gold + Yellow Gold

Mixing metals just takes some practice and experimentation to find the right combination.

Mixing metals just takes some practice and experimentation to find the right combination. It’s not like there’s a secret formula for matching silver and rose gold—or any other combination of colours, for that matter.

You can explore different options by wearing your jewellery as often as possible. Try wearing a gold watch with your silver earrings, or vice versa—you might be surprised at how well they work together! If you want to branch out even further, check out this list of other metals that go well with both silver and rose gold:

  • White gold
  • Black rhodium
  • Yellow rhodium

If you’re just getting started with layering your metals, we hope these tips will help. If you want to take it a step further, try mixing different types of gold or other metals like silver and brass. You can even mix in some pearls and elephant jewellery into the mix if you want! The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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