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Does Your Cat Have Fleas? What To Do?

by Nathan Zachary
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Fleas are vicious animals that make cats mortified by making them suffer a lot. Cheristin for cats is one of the best topical treatments evaluated in this situation to protect cats from harmful flea infections. Flea and other parasites once get into your pet’s skin, start sucking their blood leaving flea dirt and eggs in their trail. They are robust insects that are developed to be uncrushable and resilient. These fleas and ticks once get attracted to your cat’s skin can cause serious issues like hair or fur loss, itchy skin, redness or wounds, and sometimes even bleeding. These can even lead to serious internal health issues in cats and make them suffer a lot. To get rid of these flea and tick infections, there are several medications available that can be mixed with cat food and fed to cats to help them get divested of these infections. 

Why Fleas Are Considered So Bad?

Fleas are known for swallowing cats’ blood and escaping scratchy spots wherever they bite. Sometimes this even leads to suffering pets from anemia due to severe blood loss. In addition to sucking the blood of our pets, these fleas also carry parasites like tapeworms and roundworms inducing severe allergic reactions. Fleas carry a 4-stage life cycle that may carry up to 8 months to remove fleas completely remove from your pet’s environment.

How To Remove Fleas From Cats’ Environment?

Four main life-stages help in removing fleas completely from the cats’ as well as from your surroundings. Let us now discuss the details of each stage to get a better understanding and protect cats from suffering from any such infections. 

Some symptoms that one may notice if a cat is suffering from flea infection:

  • Excessive itching round neck, ears, legs, etc.
  • Scratching their head and ears
  • Restless or anxious behavior
  • Losing fur
  • Licking excessively

First Step:

Once traces of fleas are found on cats’ skin, try giving cats a flea bath using flea and tick-safe shampoo and conditioner to get them rid of flea tick infestations. One can also use flea spray for water-adverse cats.

Once done, use a flea and tick comb to chase for fleas and black particles of “flea dirt” (feces). These are typically discovered on the cat’s back, on the abdomen, and at the bottom of a cat’s spine. Dip the comb in an assortment of dish soap and water to destroy any fleas left on the comb. Check and comb weekly to observe the flea infestation on cats.

Second Step:

Trying flea shampoo and conditioner for cats is a temporary solution. However, to get permanent treatment and get rid of fleas from pets permanently, one should try to give monthly oral or topical spot-on treatment to cats. Influential flea prevention prospects possess topicals, collars, and oral products that help in getting positive results from 30 days to eight months. Every product is different and requires different techniques to apply so it is better to check the product’s label for specifics. It is better to consult with the veterinarian once to get a complete idea of what to give your pets and how to give them.

Cheristin Flea Treatment For Cats:

Cheristin for cats is one of the most preferred topical flea spot-on treatments that is considered safe to be used for cats. Cheristin for cats reviews shows that it is one of the most efficacious flea treatments that begin delivering positive outcomes within 12 hours of spreading it.

Cheristin flea treatment for cats is a topical flea treatment solution that is acquired precisely for eliminating all adult fleas found in cats. The name Cheristin is known for its chemical drug name Spinetoram. The manufacturer’s instructions show that a single dose starts eradicating adult fleas within 30 minutes of laying it on felines. Cheristin for cats reviews obtained showing around 98-100% of fleas commence destroying within 12 hours of the duration this medication is applied. 

Cheristin is simulated in a unique size that is suitable to be used for every cat based on size, age, and health. The guided dosage required to supply your cats is just one vial even for cats weighing more than 20lb.

The directed guideline to apply it on your cat’s skin is to move down the lid of the applicator vial until a “click” sound is observed that explains the vial is perforated and now the lid must be discharged. It should be applied to the fur over a spot at the neck. While applying it, one needs to make sure that apply it very carefully so that cats won’t be able to lick it or even touch it. Try shrinking the tube immediately 2-3 times on the skin until the product is not appropriately squeezed out. 

Third Step:

Along with destroying fleas from the cat’s body, it is important to remove fleas from the cat’s environment and surroundings too. If you do not treat the environment, the fleas will simply start multiplying and continue to bite you and your pets causing severe diseases and infections in the complete surroundings. Taking a few extra steps to treat both your home and yard can further help reduce the risk of additional flea infestations. Thus, it is important to clean the yard, house, and furniture.

Fourth Step:

Along with taking care of the infected pet and surroundings. It is also essential to take care of the surrounding pets or animals too as they may also get infected. Make sure to spread preventives to every pet in your home whether indoor or outdoor pets both. To help keep an infestation from spreading and decrease the chances of future flea infestations.

To help control a flea infestation from producing, try following these steps:

Check your cat at least weekly with a flea comb and observe signs of scratching and itching.

One can also set reminders to spread or aid prevention and treatment according to product labels.

Be cautious of your cat’s interactions with other animals, pets, or people to specify the risk of detecting fleas.

Shop Kwik Pets as we have everything ranging from Cheristin for cats to flea shampoo & conditioner, from flea comb to flea tick scrubbing wipes, etc. Everything you require to keep your furry pets healthy, contented, happy, and engaged. 

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