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Why should we go with Edible Packaging for food packaging?

by Nathan Zachary
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From biodegradable packaging that is good for the environment to packaging that doesn’t contain BPA, food companies are coming up with new ways to package their products and improve them.  Food packaging is important for many reasons. It helps get the word out about the product, keeps the food safe from bacteria, and keeps the food fresh and in one place so it doesn’t spill or go bad.  Most of the food packaging in the current market today is made of plastics made from petroleum, which don’t break down and aren’t good for the environment. There are many new kinds of packaging, such as non-stick, disappearing, safety-improved, and compressed packaging, but today we’ll talk about packaging that can be eaten.

What is edible packaging all about?

Edible food packaging is yet a type of packaging that is being eaten or can break down quickly like the food it holds. This kind of edible packaging comes in many shapes and sizes, and it is always getting better and made out of new materials.

What kind of food items comes in edible packaging?

There are many different kinds of food packaging that you can eat because other companies have tried different materials for their food. One of the first things that could be eaten was the ice cream cone, which is made of waffles or sugar and holds ice cream. Casein, made from milk proteins, is a newer type of packaging that can be eaten. These casein films keep food fresher and less exposed to oxygen than plastic. They don’t have starch, which means they are less porous and block oxygen better.  Casein looks a lot like plastic, and since it is made from milk, it doesn’t taste like anything, but flavors could be added to it in the future. Some manufacturers add citrus pectin to make them last longer. This makes it much stronger against higher temperatures or humidity.

Wikifoods is a company that has made a shell similar to a fruit’s skin and can be broken away open like any fruit’s skin.  This company worked with Stonyfield Yogurt to make “balls” filled with yogurt instead of the usual plastic containers. These balls are made from skins that look like grape or apple skins and are filled with yogurt or ice cream. Some very new inventions are still being worked on and are not yet on the market. These include packages made of caramelized sugar, seaweed, and beeswax.

What are the advantages of edible packaging to know about?

There are many reasons to switch to food packaging that can be eaten. First, most people are becoming more conscious of the environment. This means they want to know how their purchases affect the amount of waste worldwide. When food packaging can be eaten, it eliminates the normal waste cycle and doesn’t need to be recycled. Since most of the edible packaging can be eaten or turned into compost, it is highly biodegradable and won’t fill up any landfills or recycling centers. Second, this kind of packaging can be used for many different things, such as food packaging and saving food. Most of the time, edible packaging is used for single-serve and refrigerated items. This line could include soup and coffee; the packaging could dissolve when heated. 

Does edible packaging solution have any drawbacks?

There are some problems with packaging that can be eaten. The fact that it dissolves in water is both good and bad. If the packaging is too easy to break down in the water, it won’t last in humid places. It would also break down more quickly if it were kept cold and then exposed to the effects of condensation after being taken out of the fridge. Another problem is that some food packaging wouldn’t be as clean after being shipped and exposed to different environments. Some packages that can be eaten will still need an outer box to keep out contaminants and keep them safe to eat. The outer packaging wouldn’t be biodegradable and would still be made of the same materials as the original packaging. This wouldn’t be as good for the environment. Another thing to think about is that some of these options for edible packaging might not work for people with food allergies. Many people are allergic to milk and lactose, so packaging made from milk proteins would be a worry. 

People who are allergic to gluten may also need to be more aware of edible packaging since some can be made with ingredients containing gluten. Lastly, shoppers would have to change the way they think about packaging that can be eaten. Some foods, like pastries and fresh foods, don’t need to be packaged. Some types of food may be hard for consumers to get used to seeing without plastic packaging. At first, they might not believe that packaging that can be eaten is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to regular packaging.

To conclude, many new and interesting bio-products are coming out on the market. The food packaging that can be eaten is also getting better. As more people are becoming aware of their carbon footprint. How much trash they produce, harmful plastics could be replaced with edible food packaging. As with any bio-industry, edible packaging will come a long way over development, approval through FDA government agencies, or changing the mindset of shoppers who use plastic packaging. Overall, with all the new ideas and plans in the works, we might be able to buy packages you can eat sooner than you think.

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