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Don’t get stranded on the Sunshine Coast – choose the right towing service for you!

by Nathan Zachary
Towing Sunshine Coast

When your car breaks down or gets in an accident, and you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in the Sunshine Coast area, don’t panic. You might be ready to call AAA or another big-name company that specializes in towing, but before you do so, take the time to choose one that offers the right services at a price you can afford. Use these tips to ensure your next experience with Towing Sunshine Coast services goes smoothly!

Different types of tow truck services

The first step when choosing a towing company is thinking about what type of tow truck services you might need. Here are some popular types of tow truck services. Flatbed Tow Truck This is most common kind of tow. Where your vehicle will be towed behind another vehicle. There’s no flatbed involved in these tows, so if your car has a flat tire or engine trouble. It won’t be able to be towed in that way. Vehicle Transport If your car can’t be towed by another vehicle. Then it may have to be transported using a larger transport truck instead. This isn’t as common as other kinds of tow trucks because they take up more space and cost more money than other options – but they do provide flexibility that others don’t offer.

Tips when hiring a Tow Truck company

1. Choose a licensed and insured Towing Sunshine Coast company. 2. Find out whether they offer 24-hour dispatch, 24-hour road side assistance, or both. 3. Ask how soon they can respond to your call after hours and on weekends 4. Understand how you’ll be charged and what that costs covers storage fees. Towing? Labor? You may also want to ask about discounts based upon having your own wheels retrieved or if it’s best if. Tow Truck returns your car directly home rather than a tow yard 5. If a liftgate is offered. Be sure it’s available during all hours of operation 6. Before accepting services from any Towing Company make sure they’re permitted by both cities they work in .

Things to look out for when hiring a Tow Truck Company

So, it’s happened You’re stuck on a patch of road with no help in sight and no idea what to do. If your car breaks down or there’s an accident (or worse), your first call should always be to police, fire or ambulance—but if you need your vehicle towed, there are some things you should keep in mind when looking for Towing Sunshine Coast services. Here are 5 things not to do when hiring a tow truck

Do’s and don’ts when dealing with Tow Truck companies

if a tow truck company pulls up and is willing to help, it can be tempting to accept their services without giving much thought as to whether they’re right for you. However, there are some things that should go into your decision. Use these do’s and don’ts when dealing with Tow Truck companies: When in doubt, call another. Having an issue getting a Tow Truck company? Call another company!

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