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Ebook Vs. Print Book – The Ultimate Comparison

by Nathan Zachary
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Are you still confused about whether you should buy the book or just buy its subscription? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. Many people struggle with the same battle, the battle to either choose an ebook or a print book. 

Both types of books come with their advantages and drawbacks. This article will look at some key differences between the two kinds of books. Give this article a read till the end, as it will help you decide whether you should invest in ebook subscriptions or buy print books. 


The significant difference between ebooks and the print book is that ebooks are always just one click away from you. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling on a subway or have some free time in your office; you could always pull out your phone and continue reading your favorite novel with a couple of taps. 

However, in the other case, with print books, you have to carry a book with you if you are planning to read it any time throughout the day. It requires you to plan ahead, and the fact is, you cannot always know if you’ll get the time to read or not. 

Ebooks are weightless. You can read ebooks on your phone. You don’t have to burden yourself with the weight of the book if you’re in the ebook clan. With print books, there’s a limitation. You’ll have to carry the book. 

Additional Features

Ebooks come with many additional features, while print books lack any of those features. The most helpful feature that comes with ebooks is an online dictionary. Think about it; if you are reading a printed book and you’re stuck on an unfamiliar word, now you’ll have to look for its meaning elsewhere. But with ebooks, you can learn more about any word just by tapping on it. Not only this feature saves you a lot of time, but it also helps you maintain your focus. You’re not distracted when you can simply tap on a word to view its meaning and can continue in your flow of reading. 

Eye Strain

We are surrounded by screens everywhere. Anywhere you look, you’ll see a screen. The intense exposure to screens causes our eyes to strain. If we read books on screens, we’d only be increasing our screen time and making our eyes more prone to straining. 

On the other hand, print books are easier on our eyes. You’d be keeping your eyes safe from more screen time with printed books. Eventually, making yourself much less prone to headaches and sleepiness. 

The point becomes more drastic when it comes to children. You cannot let your child always look at your screen; it’ll weaken his eyes. But at the same time, you cannot stop your child’s learning and growing process. In this instance, print books serve you more than ebooks. 

Furthermore, according to a recent survey, children between the age of one to eight learn more with printed books than they do with ebooks. The reader comprehension was observed significantly more with printed books. 

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Ebooks Lack the Book Feel

When it comes to a book, there’s a lot more to it than just content. Every book lover understands that a book is not just about the content, the feel of holding the book count to it too. Book lovers notice paper type, whether it’s rough or smooth. Then there’s the thickness of the book, the cover of the book, whether it’s a hardcover book or a soft cover, we also have lamination, its glossy or matt. With ebooks, you only have content, no smell of the new crisp paper, no smell of ink, and not any feels. Plus, with printed books, you get the option to fold corners, leave annotations, and highlight sentences. But you are deprived of all of this with ebooks. Some add-ins allow you to add notes on the side, but the experience doesn’t even stand close to the one with printed books. 


There may be several outbalancing points in favor of ebooks, like accessibility and built-in dictionaries, but the perks of printed books would always outweigh the advantages of ebooks. With printed books, you are free from the tension of charging your device, straining your eyes, or being distracted from all of the notifications from other apps.

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