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Enjoy the rewards with Dubai’s first cashback card 

by Nathan Zachary
Dubai first cashback card 

Whenever we think about credit cards, lots of benefits and features associated with cards come into our minds promptly. Especially, when we talk about Dubai, which is the main hub of UAE while living here, you can get many privileges. Extra points and special kinds of deals with every shopping are just waiting for you in Dubai. So, make more points with your cashback card and make your life easier and more entertaining. 

Dubai’s first cashback card is such an amazing card, which is not only useful for cashback but also useful in the world of entertainment. Anyone can get the rewards with good valuable credit points and also can enjoy the complete package of entertainment. In which, people receive many rewards that they didn’t enjoy before, your dream packages will be provided to you with a cashback card. This article is all about the advantages of cashback credit cards. It will also reveal the hidden things related to it, you will be surely glad to read this writing if you want to gain knowledge about it. 

Privileges and Major functions related to Dubai’s first cashback card  

  • Cashback offers 

you will earn with this first cashback card instant cashback, that you will receive with a specific percentage while doing shopping.  

  • Discounts on purchasing 

With cashback, you will also avail of discounts on various purchasing and other things like dining during shopping and traveling.  

  • Advantages related to the roadside or car rental assistance 

If you need any kind of rental assistance for a car or you need any roadside assistance, the card will facilitate you at that moment. You just contact the emirates loan on their given number in time of need and the assistance will be there.  

  • Various offers of by 1 get 1 

Via First cashback card many offers you will get including buy 1 and get 1 with many things included while doing shopping.  

  • Online detail  

If you want to know something about your card or want to know the exact balance of your Dubai first cashback credit card. You can easily go through its online service. 

  •  Send balance 

In case of any need, you may also send the amount of your credit card to your account with the same bank. This facility will be beneficial to you in times of urgent cash need.  

  • Entertainment packages 

With this card, anyone can enjoy a package of entertainment. which is covering a lot of things like cinema ticket discounts, cricket match ticket discounts, dining discounts, sports deals, and much more. You can also go through the experience of a desert safari ride.  

  • Discounts on  delivery 

If you order something or do online shopping, you will get the chance to avail discount on the delivery of your items. 

  • Rewards for best usage of the card 

If you use the first cashback card with decency and appropriately with proper maintenance. You will receive the extra rewards and a good score with Dubai’s first cashback credit card benefits.  

  • Traveling offers 

While traveling abroad it will facilitate you through its services of Airport lounges and discounts on air tickets. Many other things you will enjoy while traveling inside or outside Dubai, like the variety of food with less amount.  

  •  Uber and cream discounts 

Whenever you need a ride or book a ride with Uber and cream, you will also obtain a discount by using a cashback card in Dubai.  

  • Gift Hampers 

With all these above-mentioned things, many other special gifts and surprises you will get on the spot while using it.  

Minimum salary requirement for Dubai’s first cashback card 

Usually, people ask about the salary requirement for a card, so people should keep in their mind the salary range. Which can be no less than 10,000 AED, whether you are a student, business owner, or some kind of job holder. You will have to pay the Dubai first cashback card Annual fee, which is up to 400 AED.   

Methods for applying  

  • You can apply for the cashback card at the nearest branch visit
  • Another method includes the online method, which is very simple to use. 
  • you can also call the branch of the bank on their given number.  

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