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Rebates and Coupons Are Hobbies and Habits When People Shop

by Nathan Zachary

Last miles distribution is coined as the last and most essential part of the current supply chain management company. The main focus of logistic companies is the end of shipping from the transportation hub. This focus is intensifying every day because online shopping has been found to be the majority of the people around the world. E -commerce sales are increasing daily in all countries by reaching an amazing growth rate in terms of business finance. With this large -scale growth rate, customers’ expectations for door distribution have reached beyond standards. This has changed the delivery of the last mile into a competitive one, not alone. I hoped that the product would be provided immediately with the demands and interests of online buyers. This kind of trend is about 50 % of the cost of shopping due to the delivery of the last mileage.

Delivery of the last mileage is becoming the most expensive event, but some logistic companies have succeeded in solving this problem by rationalizing the entire process using methodology and technology. See the three last mile logistics startups using smart solutions.

  1. Starship Technologies: Starship Technologies is the idea of ​​a co -founder of Skype -based Skype. It is based in San Francisco and is currently known as a distribution robot. Custom build delivery robots provide better answers according to the last mileage distribution needs. This spacecraft technology was established in 2014 and stands as the best hope to support the perfect last mileage delivery needs.
  1. Nuro: Successful startup Nuro is a completely autonomous vehicle for the last mileage distribution of the last mileage, promises more than robots. NURO’s prototype was announced earlier this year and won his head from an online e -commerce platform. NURO was founded in California in 2016. NURO’s 1 meter width delivery vehicles can only carry only 115 kg.
  2. Loginext: Loginext is Mumbai. The startup based in India was established in 2014. We also have a base in California. This is a SaaS product that solves many problems in the last mile distribution ecosystem. This is a customizable logistics management software created in accordance with the request for the last mileage distribution. Use real -time source to enable automated optimization and route planning. Already used software, with existing existing customers with over 200 customers, is widely used around the world. This software can be integrated into Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which instantly provides audio -based information on logistics movements.

All of the above three startups have almost reached commercial status. Definitely, those solutions can help great help to solve global e -commerce stores. Many online stores are trying to use solutions that are optimal for quick delivery needs. For this purpose, some are currently using some more innovative solutions.

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