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Everything You Need To Know About A New Jersey Title Insurance Company

by Nathan Zachary
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Investments in the Real Estate industry are the single most significant investment of your life. Among the many myths about purchasing property in New Jersey is that a real estate agent should direct you to a title insurance Company.

But all the New Jersey Title Insurance Company in the market suggests the customers choose their providers themselves. 

Customers in New Jersey have always suggested to fact-check whether the providers work for the customer’s interest only. This helps the investors to save money and also benefits them.

To know what to look for in New Jersey Title Insurance Companies, you need to know about title insurance.

What is Title Insurance?

It is a kind of indemnity insurance that dedicates its purpose to protecting property buyers and lenders from any financial loss they will have to endure due to some dispute in the property’s title.

There are generally two types of title insurance:

  • Lender’s Title Insurance: It is the most common title insurance. This is bought by the borrower to protect the lender. 
  • Owner’s Title Insurance: This insurance is paid by the seller to protect the buyer’s proprietorship.

What does a New Jersey Title Insurance policy Ideally Cover?

  • Ownership by an external entity. 
  • Unverified signatures on false documents in addition to forged and fraudulent activities.
  • Disputed property records.
  • Selling terms that reduce property value, like, unrecorded easements
  • Unpaid lawsuits and mortgages or loans.

How to buy Title Insurance?

You can buy title insurance only after the completion of the property purchase. Protecting both the owner and the lender is necessary. After agreeing on their terms, they close the deal and proceed to buy the title insurance policy with payment of a one-time fee. The cost of title insurance in New Jersey is $7.3 PER $1000 of the property cost. The price may vary depending on the insurance service provider you choose.

Why Should you buy Title insurance in New Jersey?

  • If there is a title defect in the property, title insurance protects the involved parties from critical risks.
  • For example, if you buy a property and find out later that it has a high amount of debt and title disputes before and after the sale, you will technically be liable to pay off the dues under the property. Title insurance protects you from this.
  • A New Jersey Title Insurance Company services the buyer for as long as they are related to the services of the insurer in Jersey. 
  • A title insurance company helps to secure the property from legal obligations by intervening in a declaration of the lender to the buyer that both parties declare undisputed property sales.
  • If the above scenario is meant to be the fact, usually, the buyers are held responsible for either misinformation or fraudulent activities.

Key Takeaway

What you learned from this article is that property investment is the most significant investment you will ever make, so doing it right is the only way. Getting your title insurance policy from a reliable New Jersey Title Insurance Company that provides all these services is the best thing to do.

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