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Google Analytics: basic data do you need for your health website

by Nathan Zachary
Healthcare Website Design

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to measure the traffic of your medical or health website, thus knowing important data about your users: behavior, habits, interests, ages, frequency of entry, the channel through which they access, visits within the web … With the analysis of these indicators, we proceed to improve the functioning of the website, facilitate the conversion or guide the content.

After a strategy and some actions, it is essential to analyze its operation to redesign and optimize it in search of the best results.

This article will give you an overview of the basic indicators you will find on the main page of Analytics and give us a realistic view of what is happening on the web.

Basic data from Google Analytics statistics.


It is the number of people who have entered our healthcare website design.

Unique visitors

The number of visitors (counted only once) who have accessed the health website. This data is always less than visits.

The number of page views 

The total number of page views (clicks on each page). It is a positive sign regarding usability, user experience, and content when a single visit views more pages.

The average duration of the visit

The average time the visitor remains on the web. If this is very low, we must investigate what is producing it and incorporate more content on the web, improve the structure, generate more internal links…

Bounce rate 

This rate tells us how many people leave our health website after the first visit. This parameter is quite controversial because leaving the web on the page they have reached does not have to be negative. On many occasions, we redirect the user to pages with the specific content they are looking for, which is enough for them. Even so, whether we need changes to the page must be considered.

New and recurring users

The classification of the users who access it. On the one hand, if they do it for the first time or if they make more visits during the period we have established. Suppose we have a blog up and running. In that case, it is a good indicator that the percentage of repeat visitors is increasing and stabilizing, meaning that the content is interesting and useful.

Percentage of exits

The percentage of web exits from a certain page or a set of pages. It tells us the specific page our users leave, so it is useful to analyze it and understand why to eliminate the problem.

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Although Google Analytics statistics offer much more information, these are the main variables that will help you understand the average user who visits your health website and knows the traffic you are attracting.

Do your statistics indicate that you need to improve your health website?

We analyze your site and indicate the improvements to be made. Then, ask us for a web report!

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