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Is a mirror cube harder than 3×3? 

by Nathan Zachary
Is a mirror cube harder than 3×3? 

Like Ghost Cube and Mastermorphix, Mirror Cube has a 3x3x3 form, meaning that it can be solved just like the standard 3x3x3 Cube. The puzzle to unscramble Mirror Blocks looks impossibly complex, though the only difference from the regular Rubik’s Cube is the thing you are solving: shaped pieces rather than stickers. The technique of solving the Mirror Blocks puzzle is nearly identical to solving a regular 3×3 Cube, with the exception that you have to know what you are looking for, and there is plenty of trial and error involved. The Mirror Blocks puzzle is, at its core, a pretty straightforward concept: A cube-shaped puzzle, which, rather than having a different colour on each side, has variously-shaped pieces, and often silver, reflective stickers, that are all identical. 

Solving a Mirror Cube is just like solving an original Rubiks Cube, however, each piece is harder to determine as the size differences between pieces in the puzzle are less apparent than the colour differences in the stickers on the original puzzle. Its uniqueness helps in knowing the initial placements of pieces, so we are going to look at how to solve a Mirror Cube that is relevant for a 3×3 Cube. Here, you will either see that one of the border pieces is placed properly, or that no border pieces are placed properly and if you are lucky, then perhaps all border pieces are placed properly, meaning that a Mirror Cube has been solved. From here on out, you will be holding a cube with the top layer at the bottom, as you run through the algorithm. 

Just like any other cube, we will begin by solving the bottom layer of a mirror cube, move to the middle layer, and eventually to the final layer. To solve the middle layer, the cuber must be aware of how to solve the 3×3 cube, as well as solve it more quickly. Using means if you can solve 3×3, then a lot of the other cubes are going to be substantially easier to learn. Higher-order puzzles are a nice challenge for anyone who wants to push their skills a bit further, however, it is highly recommended to first learn how to solve 3x3s before taking on bigger ones. 

You will find a few puzzles that might seem difficult, that about e not, such as fisherman cubes and mirror cubes. You will need to practice solving the middle layers several times to improve on that step. The major challenge of the mirror blocks is you need to ensure that your moves are symmetrical: If you flip one side of a block over, and then flip another side back over, this does not work as expected, since nothing is holding them down anymore (no stickers). Rotating means you can use MoYu 2x2x3 Prism/Mirror Cube as a puzzle that turns edges by itself but also makes it possible to use it as part of another kind of puzzle (like a Rubik’s Revenge, for example). 

The mirror cube is a 3×3 cube that has each of its six faces covered with a different colour. It is solved by aligning all of the colours on each face with the colour on the opposite face.

The mirror cube is said to be harder than the 3x3x3 cube, but there is no definitive answer. Some people say that it is harder because you have to orient the cube in your hand before you can start solving it, and that can be confusing. Others say that it is not as hard because once you know how to solve the 3x3x3 cube, the algorithms are very similar.

The easiest way to solve the Pyraminx is to start with one face solved, and then build on that by solving the other faces one at a time. This can be done using a variety of methods, but the most common is to use an algorithm known as the

  A mirrored cube looks similar to a 3×3 cube from one angle, but the shapes are different. It is harder to turn and the pieces can pop out more easily than 3×3.

. In this article, we will talk about the mirror cube price, how to solve it and a lot more so stay tuned.

1. A mirrored cube is a harder twisty puzzle than a 3×3. 

This is a tricky one because the pieces are different and pop out more easily. It’s also harder to turn than 3×3 because you have more options when turning corners on an edge piece (mirror corners). And finally: it looks similar to a 3×3 cube from one angle, but when rotated 90 degrees so that none of the sides is vertical or horizontal anymore, it becomes clear that this puzzle isn’t capable at all!

2. It looks similar to a 3×3 cube from one angle, but the shapes are different.

The mirror cube is a more complex shape than the 3×3 cube, ( infinity cube ) but it looks similar from one angle. The pieces are different: they’re all in different orientations and have different faces. The cube itself is harder to turn because of this difference in orientation, which makes it more challenging to solve than a standard 3×3 puzzle.

3. It is harder to turn and the pieces can pop out more easily than 3×3.

Turning the mirror cube is much harder than turning a 3×3. The pieces can pop out more easily, which makes it more difficult to solve. It’s also more difficult to solve than a 3×3 cube (which makes sense since it has an extra layer).

4. The mirror cube is harder than the original Rubik’s cube

The mirror cube is a special Rubik’s cube that has the same colour scheme as its original counterpart, but with an extra layer of stickers applied to each side. This makes it harder to solve than even a 3×3!

The pieces on this version have longer edges and are more likely to pop out of their positions when you try to turn them. Because of this, you will need to be very careful when solving the puzzle. Also, since there are no “bad” corners in these puzzles (unlike in 4×4), all four sides must be rotated before one can be solved correctly! While the original Rubik’s cube might be hard enough for some people, the mirror cube is even harder. This is because, as the name suggests, all of the pieces are mirrored. This means that you have to solve it by looking at it differently and figuring out how the pieces fit together. The mirror cube is a great challenge for anyone who loves puzzles and wants to test their skills. If you’re up for the challenge, we highly recommend giving it a try!


We hope you enjoyed this article and learned a little more about the mirror cube. If you’re looking for a new toy to play with, we recommend checking out our Best Rubik’s Cubes article!

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