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What Are The Most Useful Mobile Phone Accessories?

by Nathan Zachary
Most Useful Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones are now more important than ever. Whether you want to make a call to your loved ones to ask about their well-being or dropping a work email to your potential client is your purpose, there is nothing modern smartphones cannot do. In addition to this, the latest phones feature innovative hardware to offer you a plethora of other advantages including web browsing, playing games, and listening to your favourite songs. 

Despite all their perks, if you want to get the most out of your mobile phones, the latest phone accessories can do wonders for you. Mobile accessories include any hardware which is not native to smartphone operation as designed by the manufacturing company. Most popular smartphone accessories include cases, chargers, wireless Bluetooth earphones and many more.  

In this article, we have summed up some of the most useful smartphone accessories which can elevate your user experience to many folds. So, let’s get straight into it.  

Phone Cases 

Investment of a few bucks on a case for your smartphone can save you from an expenditure of several hundred pounds, which you will have to spend otherwise on the repairment of your broken phone. A mobile case protects your phone from physical shocks, usually caused by dropping the phone on the floor. In addition to this, a graphics-rich mobile case enhances the look of your smartphone. You can find numerous sorts of phone cases on the market now, varied in terms of the level of protection which these covers provide. It includes thin cases, rugged cases, and various others. 

Thin cases are made up of either Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) or Polycarbonate. These cases add to the style of your phone but, but these are not as protective as rugged cases are. On the contrary, rugged cases offer comprehensive shock-proof solution for smartphones and protect them from body scratches and environmental dust.  

Wireless Chargers 

 If you are fed up with the messy wires occupying your workspace, a wireless charger can prove to be a blessing for you. A wireless phone charger works by producing an electromagnetic field which is then absorbed by the copper coil of the mobile device to get energy. A wireless charging unit consists of an adapter and a charging pad. The charger starts its operation as soon as you place your wireless charging supported phone on the pad and then put the attached adapter into the power socket.  

Few years ago, we only had access to wireless chargers which used to come with normal 10W charging power only. But in the present era, we can see different fast wireless phone chargers on the market. If you want to experience the state-of-the-art charging technology, you can go for OPPO 50W AIRVOOC wireless charger. The 50W charger is available at OPPO UK Official Store with an official warranty of up to 2 years.  

Smart Watches  

Days are gone when the only function of a watch is to let you see time. Like every other thing in our lives, technology has changed this device as well. In the current technologically evolved era, we have access to smart watches. As the name implies smart watches are actually “smart” enough to offer you a bunch of health promoting features. From measuring heart rate to sleeping activity to exercise tracking, there is nothing modern smartwatches can’t do.  

OPPO Watch (Wi-Fi) 46mm is one of the best Android smart watches available out there. Featuring a battery life of 21-days, OPPO watch offers various other cutting-edge features as well. You can check the weather forecast, track your health and fitness, listen to online music, and enjoy tons of other time-saving functions.   

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 

No matter how loud the speakers of your phone are, if you want to enjoy a noise-free and peaceful audio listening experience, an earphone accessory can perfectly serve the purpose. A wireless earphone lets you relish the immersive audio quality without the hassle of getting indulged in the tangled wires of normal wired earphones. Unlike wired headphones, wireless Bluetooth earphones are much more convenient to manage and wear.  

When it comes to having a versatile collection of mobile phone accessories, OPPO hits the top of the list. And the reason is innovative technology being used in OPPO accessories. The same is the case with OPPO Enco X2 wireless Bluetooth earphones. Co-created with Danish Audio Giant – Dynaudio, Enco X2 features market-best 45dB active noise cancellation. Other tempting functionalities include Golden Sound Technology, AI Bone Voiceprint Microphone, and the ability to auto-switch to Transparency mode.  

Car Phone Holders 

With a car phone holder, you can perform a lot of functions on your smartphone without taking your hands off the wheel. For example, imagine a situation, “You are on the road, and you need to follow the route to your location, provided by the GPS”. In this scenario, what will you do? 

Most probably, you will do either of the two things. As per first approach, you may think of holding the phone in your one hand while moving the steering of the car with the other hand. However, this is the most lethal approach you can ever opt for. As you may end up taking your life or the lives of people around you in a potential traffic car accident. The second and the safest option is to buy a phone holder and place it in front of you on the car dashboard, followed by adjusting your phone in it. Now you can go to your destination without risking your life.  

Power Banks 

A power bank is one of the most important phone accessories that you need while travelling. Delayed flights easily caused long waits at the airport. If this situation arises unexpectedly or happens at end of the day, you may face severe headache of booking the new flight with your dying phone. A phone Power bank comes in handy in these types of conditions by keeping your phone alive. 

When buying the best power bank for your travels, there are a few factors that you need to consider. The first and the most important is to always go for a power bank, presenting compatible ports configurations as per your device. Another critical consideration is to sort out how much portability you are looking for in your next power bank. It is pertinent to mention here that size often comes with more power. So must consider how many chargers you want from a power bank and how much space you are willing to sacrifice for it. 

Wrapping It Up 

If chosen correctly, phone accessories can help you in taking full advantage of your smartphone. Your phone either performs better or may even look more stylish than before. There are several brands on the market, offering various best accessories. Being the world-leading technology brand, OPPO also offers certain useful accessories, well aligned to elevate your user experience. You can browse OPPO UK Official Store to choose your favourite phone accessory from a range of alluring options available on the site.  

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