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Java Web Development: How it helps in the e-commerce industry?

by Nathan Zachary
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Java is a computer programming language that is used for web development, software development as well as application development. Java web development is a process of development of a website or web pages that can perform front-end as well as back-end operations. Using Java we can create static web pages as well as dynamic web pages. A static webpage is used for displaying information explaining the product and services. However, a dynamic page changes its content dynamically. E-commerce is a site that sells products or goods online to visitors. Using e-commerce sites not only the business owner can display their product and services but allow customers to add them to carts and make online orders for purchasing their desired products by making payment through a secured payment gateway. No doubt more than 70% of e-commerce website is developed in Java. In this article, we shall see how java web development helps e-commerce businesses.

Why do we use Java for building e-commerce sites?

Java is a high-level computer programming language that is most widely used by developers across the world for making e-commerce websites. The reason why they use Java is that it gives them the best platform where they can design and develop attractive designs with dynamic features which is necessary for the e-commerce site. If the site is unattractive online visitors will not take interest in purchasing the products. Java sites have high performance in speed and load faster on any browser. Unlike other programming languages which might have some compatibility issues with the operating system or browser Java faces no such challenges.

Java language is simple to learn due to the easy learning curve. It has an easy-to-understand syntax that can be written in an integrated development environment that makes the coding faster with auto-correct and autocomplete features. There are many IDEs available in which we can write Java codes. We can also compile or run the java codes with a single click using these IDEs.

Benefits of using Java in e-commerce web development

Availability of Java plugins, API, and java libraries

Java allows programmers to import the Java utility files from the java libraries and reuse the code as and when required. Java plugins help in accomplishing specific tasks with minimal coding. Using java plugins is easy, quick, and efficient. API can be integrated with Java codes easily.

Fast, easy, and secure payment gateway integration

Java allows quick integration of a secure payment gateway which makes the e-commerce site safe for making an online transaction of money for purchasing the desired products.

Compatible with any operating system or browsers

There are no compatibility issues with java websites. The reason is that java codes need no hardware installation for their execution. It can be browsed and viewed without any compatibility issues. We can get java codes executed on any operating system windows, mac, android, or ios.

Perform front-end as well as back-end operations

Java websites are designed and developed for performing front-end as well as back-end operations like storing the information from the table input data to the database. This feature can be used in storing the customer’s data or information in a database which helps in order fulfillment. The admin portal of e-commerce can be used for updating the front-end design and adding products, and product categories, changing the product description and changing the images of the products, its price, etc.

How to select the best company for e-commerce web development?

We can design and develop e-commerce web development in many programming languages like dot net, python, or java in modern times. The selection of the right company is important for e-commerce web development as it decides the future of the company that sells products online. We must consider the experience of the company in Java web development, the technology they have expertise on, agility and flexibility in adopting nexGen technology, and cost-effective plans for web development before selecting the company for java development.

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