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Hiring an eCommerce SEO Company: Common Questions Answered

by Nathan Zachary

Are you staring down the prospect of hiring an eCommerce SEO company, but still have a few questions before you do so?
These are some of the more common questions, answered.

Why SEO Is Worth It (Especially for eCommerce)
SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, consists of a collection of practices that improve a website’s viability for organic search. 

Search engine optimization can: 

● Improve organic rankings and impressions 

● Boost organic traffic streams

● Result in a higher quality user experience (UX) or shopping experience

● Increase brand authority and cohesion

● And diminish reliance on paid search advertising traffic streams

There is another specific benefit for eCommerce businesses, which has to do with targeting. When only specifically targeted keywords are selected for an eCommerce SEO campaign, which are associated with a high intent to purchase, conversions, sales and revenue can get a boost from SEO, too.

This makes eCommerce SEO a potentially viable avenue to growing sales and business. 

What Are eCommerce SEO Services? 
These are a set of services that are designed to improve ranking signals. A ranking signal is some aspect (typically of a website) that indicates to Google (or other search engines) whether or not that website is a credible authority in its respective field. 

Specialized companies with subject matter experts offer highly targeted eCommerce SEO services for clients in a wide range of industries that are intended to usher in the benefits listed above – as well, sometimes, as others. 

What Should an eCommerce SEO Company Offer?
No two eCommerce SEO companies are likely to offer the exact same SEO services. However, generally speaking, SEO services should include the following: 

● Keyword research: 
The first step in nearly any eCommerce SEO campaign is keyword research, which will help the provider identify the most lucrative target keywords with which to proceed. 

● Technical error rectification: 
Technical errors associated with website speed, security, structured data, broken links, and toxic backlinks can all chew up a website’s crawl budget and prevent indexing. 

● On-page optimization: 
There are many website features that are considered ranking signals, including but not limited to header tags, metadata, on-page content, image size, image alt data, and more. An eCommerce SEO company should optimize these. 

● Content creation: 
Content is one of the four main pillars of SEO and according to some SEO experts, the most important of all. Any eCommerce SEO agency should work with its clients to create fresh, keyword and UX-optimized content for their eCommerce sites.

● Off-page optimization/Link building: 
Backlinks are a huge ranking signal when it comes to building domain authority, generally improving organic rankings, and building referral traffic. Many SEO packages, therefore, include link-building strategies for client eCommerce websites. 

How Much Do eCommerce SEO Services Cost?
While eCommerce SEO services can be considered expensive, it’s not accurate to paint with broad strokes here. SEO packages will vary in price depending on the scope of the project and how many pillars of SEO are addressed. 

For instance, some strategies only rectify technical SEO issues, others only build links, and some are focused on product page content creation and conversion rates. 

Another way to assess the cost of an SEO project is by the number of target keywords included in the scope of work. 

For more information on pricing tiers, contact an eCommerce SEO company for details. 

Are There Additional Services an eCommerce SEO Company Should Offer?
Many eCommerce SEO companies also offer supporting marketing strategies and services for their clients. For instance, many eCommerce SEO experts specialize in social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and even paid search advertising strategies. 

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