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Everything you need to know about laptops repairs

by Nathan Zachary
Everything you need to know about laptops repairs

When your laptop fails, it could seem like you’ve lost your mind. All your life’s data is on the device, from important work documents to your personal documents and photos. However, don’t fret because some of the most frequent problems with laptops are quite simple to fix. If you’re fairly skilled (and confident) and your damaged laptop looks like it’s headed to the trash heap, why not look into whether you could fix it yourself before you invest in a new computer? This article will help you learn about laptop repairs.


If your computer is operating, make sure to back up your entire hard drive (or, at the very least, the most important files) before beginning. For example, copy the entire contents of “My documents” (or “Documents” on the Linux system) onto the USB flash drive, or burn it to CD-ROM. (If it’s a manageable size, it’s possible to transfer it onto cloud storage.) 

If your computer can’t boot and allows you to backup the data in the first place, you could boot via a CD-ROM or startup Floppy (remember them?) to copy the files in this method. (Another useful tip: If you’re comfortable with Linux and Windows, you may be able to boot using the Linux live CD. then mount your Windows partition and transfer the files to an external flash drive within Linux.) 

If you’re sure that the drive is in good condition, it’s best to get rid of it and place it safely before attempting different repairs. You can access the hard drive from one machine to another, but you’ll probably not be able to launch from it on a different machine.

Be aware of what are your “service flaps.”

Typically, laptop users will spend time looking at their keyboard and screen. However, if you spend an hour exploring the inside of your laptop, you’ll see a few plastic flaps secured with two screws or slide clips that give access to the components most likely fail and require replacement. You can take out the battery, remove the hard drive, and add more memory. You can also change the fan on your CPU without getting into the insides of the machine.

The components that reside in these flaps connect to slot (in cases of memory cards) or ribbon connectors like the one shown later on this page. It is not necessary to perform any soldering or something like that. However, you must be cautious, slow, and patient not to bend the pins that connect them. In the image below, I’m replacing one of the memories cards with a larger one. After removing two clips for retaining, it’s a matter of pulling out one of the cards and inserting the new one.

Use a plugin to work around.

Every laptop today has numerous USB ports, and connecting an external mouse, keyboard, webcam, screen, hard drive, and on is easy. Many older laptops come with a PCMCIA card socket (a tiny hole on either side) that allows you to connect the external modem, Wi-Fi card, and USB hub. If something is broken within your laptop computer, the easiest, most affordable, least expensive, and quickest “repair” you can make is usually to connect the external gadget. Those living in Sydney should consider laptop repairs Sydney.

Look up your symptoms.

It is crucial to recognize the signs that signal laptops that require repair. A sure indication that something is not right is when your laptop starts making unusual sounds. This could indicate that the fan isn’t functioning properly or there’s something stuck within your fan’s blades. 

Another sign to look for is when your laptop is beginning to get hot, especially when you use it for prolonged periods. Finally, it could result from a buildup of dirt and dust, and it’s essential to wash your laptop frequently to avoid this occurring. If you observe any of these signs, you should get your laptop checked by an expert technician as soon as possible to have it fixed.

Find the spare part you need.

When you’ve discovered the problem in your computer, you’ll likely have to replace the component or parts. However, finding the correct part is only half the challenge regarding repairs. If you can access the parts, fitting spares are usually much simpler than you think. 

First, check the manufacturer’s website. Many companies sell spare parts for their laptops, and you may be able to find what you need directly from the source. Second, try searching for the part on an online auction. You may be able to find a used part that is in good condition and save a bit of money. 

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