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How To Choose An vape Flavour? | smok nord coils

by Nathan Zachary
smok nord coils

Being overwhelmed while stepping the right foot into the wide vaping world is a feeling that every vaper experiences. Some people want to try out all the E-liquid flavours of vapes and buy sets of disposable vapes. However, some want to stick to only one flavour because they like it. 

Although, some don’t like any flavour because previously they were addicted to the cigarette’s tobacco flavour. We’ve prepared a guide for beginner vapers to understand the three essential tips for choosing their E-liquid flavour and making the better choice for them accordingly.

Standard coils are high-resistance coils that let the less current pass through the wires. They need power to operate–leading to less battery usage. Smok nord coils are present in most of the vapes available in the market, such as vape Pod systems, vape Mod systems, vape pens, disposable vapes, and all others. 

What Is Vape Flavour?

E-juice, vape juice, and e-liquid are all names for the same thing. The vape E-liquid is the energy source of the vape device. They consist of a flavour often known as vape flavour. In the UK, there are around more than 70 thousand E-liquid flavours. There’s a wide variety which you can choose your vape flavour from. Whether vaping with disposable vape or pod Mods, vape flavours are always there to lift your vaping game to higher levels. 

3 Must-Know E-liquid Tips

Before buying a new disposable vape flavour, every vaper should know the following three points that will help you get informed about the details of the e-liquid. So, let’s jump into these steps: 

  1. Suitable VG/PG Ratio

Vape flavours hold the most responsibility for a person’s overall vaping experience. E-liquid consists of three things; nicotine, VG and PG. VG stands for ‘vegetable glycerine, a thick viscosity liquid that gives the vape its thickness and more vapour concentration. Modern vape devices such as vape Mod systems and sub-ohm devices best support high VG E-liquids. 

It takes more power and a higher battery to vaporise the thicker consistency of high VG e-liquid. smok rpm 2 coils require more wattage power and more battery to use. 

PG stands for propylene glycol, a low viscosity liquid responsible for the high flavour tasting sensation and thinning of the E-liquid consistency. Typically, alk vape devices support high PG e-liquid flavours such as disposable vapes, vape Pod systems and vape pens. Disposable vapes don’t need to change voopoo vinci coils because they have built-in e-liquid tanks and coils. 

  1. The Perfect Nicotine Content 

The primary reason why vapers vape is to fill that nicotine buzz. They opt for vaping because they want to cease their cigarette habit and indulge in something healthier. Choosing the appropriate nicotine quantity for your E-liquid is significant because if you choose a lower quantity, your nicotine cravings will not get fulfilled. 

Thus, you won’t be satisfied with your overall vaping experience. However, if you add higher nicotine content, then it will feel hard, and you won’t get the right kick from the nicotine that you needed in the first place.

  1. A Suitable E-liquid Flavour 

A mistake that most vapers make is to try out E-liquid flavours just by reading the anime and picking whatever they find visually amusing. However, vaping is all about the feels. You should opt for the vape flavours that you are previously familiar with.

For instance, if you like mangoes, go for mango-related e-juice flavours such as disposable vapes with mango ice e-liquid or mango and strawberry freeze e-liquid. 

How To Avoid Vaper’s Tongue 

Vaper’s tongue is a situation most vapers undergo after an extended period. If you have a vaper’s tongue, you lack a flavour tasting sensation. For instance, if you have a hot chocolate, it has a strong flavour. 

However, you’ll not be able to feel that taste with the same intensity it used to before you. It happens when you’ve been vaping with the same flavour for a long time, and your taste buds get addicted to that flavour. They become less tolerant to feeling other taste types if not treated or corrected. 

Vapers offer to face the situation of being unable to feel any food flavour. To avoid such inconvenience experiences, you should have at least 2 flavours. You can swap them alternative days or weekly to avoid the vaper’s tongue. 

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