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Everything you need to know about the diploma in nautical science

by Nathan Zachary

A diploma in nautical science is know as the residential diploma course that will be leading to 3 years of BSE nautical science after 18 months of service. In the sea and also will be leading to the second meeting for certification of competency awarded by the Ministry of shipping Government of India. This particular certification will be very much helpful in providing candidates with a perfect opportunity of becoming the navigating officers of onboard Merchant Navy ships anywhere in the entire world.

Admission to all these kinds of courses is entirely based upon the merit list or the entrance examinations. And different kinds of Indian Maritime University campuses and affiliated colleges will be undertaking the admission after counselling and will be choosing the students depending upon the merit list prepared by the Indian Maritime University. This particular entrance examination is know as IMU-CET and sponsorship from the shipping company is also very much mandatory for admission to this particular course.

Whenever individuals are interest to go for a diploma in nautical science admission then they need to be clear about different ways of the feel very successfully. Because definitely, this particular course will be focusing on physics, mathematics, and IT in nautical knowledge. This particular course has been specifically designed with the motive of covering the major topics related to the shipping industry and will also be including the topics. Like navigation, maintenance, cargo, operations and other associate things. Students in this particular case will be learning the theoretical and practical aspects of nautical technology at the cost.

So that everyone will be able to complete the online courses very successfully and for that will be able to indulge in the onboarding training without any problem. The duration of this particular course is one year. And it has been approve by the director general of the shipping government of India. This particular system will be affiliate with the Indian Maritime University Chennai and after the completion of the course. The candidates will be provided with on-board training for the structure shipboard systems without any kind of problem.

Eligibility criteria for this particular system have been explain as:

  1. Candidates need to clear the class +2 with average marks of 60% in physics, chemistry and mathematics
  2. Or
  3. Candidates need to undertake the degree of bachelor in Science in physics, chemistry. Mathematics and electronics with Physics as individual subject. In one of the major years of an average of not less than 55% marks in the final year
  4. 50% marks in English either in 10th or 12th
  5. The age limit should be below 25 years at the time of commencement of the course
  6. It is very much mandatory for candidates to have a passport at the time of commencement of the goals

Medical standards to be fulfilled in this particular process:

  1. Candidates must be fit for the services in the sea under the DGS examination
  2. Vision should be 6/6 in every eye and the glass on the eyes is not permit. The pupils should also be very much clear about the similarity to the light, normality and other associated things. The movement of the eyeballs should also be in all directions.
  3. There should not be any kind of element of colour blindness in the eyes of the individuals
  4. Candidates also need to possess a normal hearing capacity according to the prescription made in the merchant shipping field

The oceans have very well covered the wide space across the world and these are the pathway for importing. The goods and other associate things in the whole process. Hence, trading activity has become very much effective in terms of management of all these kinds of things. So that demand for the candidates in this particular direction will be significantly increase. Hence, to fulfil all these kinds of needs of any Koraput it is very much important for people. To be clear about the high interest in maritime and marine studies. So that everyone will be able to deal with the completion of the course without any kind of problem and further will be able to make sure. That proficiency in the world of navigation and operations of the ship will done very easily. This is the best possible approach to leveraging the lucrative benefits in the career and ultimately making sure. That the majority of the students will be able to deal with things with a very high level of proficiency.

What is the application process for the IMU-CET application?


To avoid any kind of error it is very much important for people to visit the official site of the IMU-CET and themselves with the help of a valid email address and mobile number

Form filling process:

After the success of a discussion on the website people will be able to proceed with things with a very high level of efficiency. So that personal details will be significantly understand and further everyone will be able to deal. With the communication details very successfully. In this case, people need to fill out the correct details. So that there is no scope for any kind of cancellation

Uploading of documents:

As a final step people need to upload the documents. Signature and mark sheet of 10+2 along with the required certificates if apply. 

Payment of fees:

 After filling in all the details and uploading the details of the document people need. To be clear about the filling of the fees with the help of net banking and credit card or debit card. The application fees for different categories will be different in this case

Submission of the form:

It is important for people to re-check the things and ultimately agree to the submission of the form. Because as a final step in this particular case people will become a very important component of the entire process.

Hence, whenever the individuals are interest to enjoy the element of effective coaching. Then they also need to be clear about the syllabus of diploma in nautical science. So that things can be sorted out very well and everyone will be able to ensure the select element. Into the reputed affiliated institutes with hundred per cent guidance and support.

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