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Exploring Delta 8 THC Potential Benefits 

by Nathan Zachary
Delta 8

The rise of the Cannabis industry is undeniable. Thanks to cannabinoids like CBD and delta 9, more people are experiencing better mental and physical health with the natural benefits provided by these natural compounds. The non-intoxicating psychoactive CBD has taken the industry to new heights. Legal in many countries and lacking those euphoric effects found in delta 9,

CBD has proved that Cannabis products do not belong in shade alleys. Now, delta 8 is making waves in the industry. The latest member to hit the market, delta 8, is showing people a new way to experience Cannabis and its benefits.  

How is delta 8 different from other cannabinoids? 

Cannabis connoisseurs enjoy referring to delta 8 as diet weed. The reason for this endearing term is simple. Delta 8 seems to strike the perfect balance between delta 9 and CBD. Delta 9 is known for its intoxicating euphoric effects. A strong, intense cannabinoid, the aftermath of delta 9 will leave you feeling groggy, and the risk of paranoia is significant. In contrast, CBD lacks the euphoric effects of delta 9. Instead of clouding the mind, CBD erases negative thoughts and emotions, and physical aches, leaving you with a sense of peace and clarity 

Delta 8 delivers the best of both worlds. When you take this natural compound, you will get high. However, it is a gentler high where the risk of paranoia and grogginess is less likely than when you take delta 9.

Similar to CBD, delta 8 is gentler on the mind and body, where you will feel elated, but your sense of judgment, memory, and other skills will be less impaired. You can invest in gummies and topical creams or try delta 8 carts today

Like all of its cousin cannabinoids, delta 8 works through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The latter is a molecular system responsible for critical functions in the body, including temperature, sleep, appetite, hormone balance, and so on.

The ECS sends chemical signals to its cellular receptors that are densely packed throughout the brain and body to keep the body in a constant balance (homeostasis). Delta 8 binds to the receptors to trigger changes in the body.  

The research on cannabinoids is limited, but early data shows the encouraging potential of these natural compounds, , including delta 8. For this reason, premium Cannabis brands are bringing this new cannabinoid to the forefront by creating high-quality delta 8-infused products. Whether you visit an online or a brick-and-mortar store, you will find the best products from a certified cannabis seller.  

Delta 8’s potential benefits 

Since data is limited, it is not responsible to assume that delta 8 can cure mental health disorders or chronic physical issues. More time and research are required for such concrete statements to be made. However, early data indicates this natural compound’s potential for various physical and mental ailments. 

  • Primarily, delta 8 can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. Its euphoric effects deliver floaty, weightless feelings that enhance that sense of ease and hit a pause on negative emotions. Unlike delta 9, the level of focus when taking delta 8 is significant. Its gentler high causes fewer cognitive distortions and short-term memory issues and delivers sharper focus and higher energy levels.  
  • Similar to delta 9, delta 8 stimulates appetite. For chemo patients who wish to put on weight but lack appetite, delta 8 may be the answer they have been searching for.
  • Delta 9 has been an option for chronically ill people before, but because of its intense aftermath, it felt like it was causing more pain than benefits.
  • Delta 8’s gentler euphoria and the aftermath can help people going through a physically challenging time nourish themselves with a healthy appetite without adding more physical burdens. Besides stimulating appetite, this cannabinoid can ease nausea and vomiting symptoms often resulting from chemotherapy. 
  • Delta 8’s neuroprotective properties are one of the main reasons researchers study this natural compound. Although the research is in its early days, scientists have observed delta 8’s potential to inhibit the release of adenylyl cyclase and regulate potassium and calcium channels in the nervous system. What this means for us is better brain health. This natural compound may also increase acetylcholine.
  • Choline levels which can help with neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Delta 8’s potential to create new neurons for better cognitive functioning is even more incredible.  
  • Delta 8’s gentle properties are why people with insomnia and PTSD turn to this natural compound to improve their sleeping experience. In high doses, delta 8 delivers those mellow sedative effects perfect before bedtime. Finally, delta 8 is an excellent natural remedy to ease the pain. From migraines to chronic pain caused by arthritis and multiple sclerosis, delta 8 can deliver pain relief fast for better agility and focus.  

Using delta 8 responsibly 

If you are curious about taking delta 8 to improve your health, it is vital to do so responsibly. For starters, you should avoid purchasing the cheapest delta 8 products. The price of cannabis products reflects the work, quality, and care taken to deliver a high-quality product, so be sure to buy from certified brands that offer a QR code detailing every aspect of the product. Moreover, it is best to consult your doctor if you take medication. Stopping your medication abruptly may cause more harm than good. Furthermore, delta 8 may interact with specific medicines and deliver a negative rather than a positive experience.

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