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Five Reasons to Download a Walking App

by Nathan Zachary
Five Reasons to Download a Walking App

The latest hot new app is not a new social media platform or game but one of the few applications on your phone that encourages healthy habits. Walking apps like the one from Visorando are taking the world by storm, with everyone from active grandmas to young millennials trying to build healthy habits relying on these trackers to maintain physical activity.

If you’re one of the last few holdouts who hasn’t downloaded a walking app yet, here are five reasons why you need one.

1. All Your Friends Are There

You don’t have to follow your friends in everything they do, but it is fun to have a shared activity. Walking apps come with a built-in social component where you can share step counts and routes as well as view your friends’ walks.

A walking app is a fun way to stay in touch and share hobbies, even when you and your friends are very far apart.

2. The App Will Motivate You to Walk More

If one of your goals is to walk more often so you can take care of your health, then a walking app will help you do so. As mentioned above, most walking apps come with a strong social component that will motivate you to walk more. You want to have something to post on the app, especially if all of your friends are bragging about their step counts and challenging routes.

Many apps also allow you to participate in challenges along with your friends, which adds extra motivation through healthy competition.

3. You Can Find New Routes…

Walking is a great form of exercise that is very accessible, but it can also get monotonous very fast. The great thing about walking apps is that you can plan routes easier within the app. If you are discouraged by a lack of walking trails or walker-friendly sidewalks around you, the app can help you find nearby routes that are friendly for walking, but you may not have even known they exist.

4. …and Save Your Favorite Ones

Besides finding new routes to explore, walking apps ensure that you never forget your favorite places for a ramble. You can look back at all your walking adventures and remember your favorite route in a new park so you don’t waste time getting lost when you go back.

Plus, looking back at your walking history can help you identify new ways to add walking to your routine or figure out how to get back on the wagon if you have a gap in your routine.

5. Stay on Top of Your Health

For many people, walking is an important part of their routine for staying healthy. Whether you are trying to lose weight or boost your cardiovascular health, there are many reasons why you (or your doctor) would want to track your walks. Your app can track distances, steps walked, and even calories burned.

Walking is an ancient pastime made modern with the addition of walking apps that can help you meet your health goals, find new routes, and socialize. Download one today!

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